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Law enforcement agencies need to act quick before it is too late

When I end up dead, please make sure that Randy Forcellina, Tim Johnson and Matt Kreuter do not get away with it. I am begging law enforcement and intelligence agencies to properly investigate them and bring them to justice, before it is too late. Please. What I’m most worried about is what will happen to […]

My name is Bree Peterson, not Brian Brytus

My stalkers / abusers / murderers tell people to “dead name” me, call me by my old name, and to use the wrong pronouns one. These are hate crimes. My birth certificate, social security card and drivers license say Bree Peterson, Female.

Someone is impersonating me on gmail

It appears someone is impersonating me with a Gmail account. Someone made a Gmail account pretending to bee and linked it to my current Gmail account. My email address is Someone made a Gmail account similar to mine. I had to “unlink” it from my account. See screenshot. This was probably Tim Johnson that […]

My Dad was over today, a Lake County Sheriff deputy called me…

My Dad was over for a good portion of the day and we just hung out. Also, a Lake County Sheriff deputy called me at around 3:30PM, after my Dad had left, and said something like they were concerned about me and wanted to know if I could speak to a deputy that would come […]

Threatened again tonight – Filed online police report

i was threatened at 1:30 AM by my stalkers again. Three of them got out of a car parked in front my driveway and yelled various things to me, including death threats, saying that they were going to kill me. I filed an online police report to document the incident. My stalkers need to be […]

Just a random update!

Hello. I just figured I would do a random update, since I haven’t posted an update since I moved into my new home in Lower Lake. So, my Dad has been his normal self lately and been sweet to me. He visits me 2-3 times a week here, brings me food and makes sure I’m […]

Moving into my new home on Thursday!!!

My Dad is fulfilling his promise of purchasing a home for me 😀🐥 The closing date is Thursday, the 14th. It’s in Lower Lake (Lake County), not Sonoma County. Still, I’m very happy and feel good about it. My stalker will most likely try to contact neighbors and people around me and try to slander […]

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