Bree Peterson (formerly Brian Brytus)

I am a post-op transgender woman in Lower Lake, California. My address is 5935 Sunrise Ct, Lower Lake, CA 95457. I'm an innocent victim of stalking, slander, hate crimes, harassment, abuse, conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder by Randall Forcellina aka "Island" of Nashville, TN (and formerly Norwalk, CT. He came out here to murder me), Matthew Kreuter, Jan Greenbaum, Bill Brytus and Tim Johnson. All of them I knew from Mahopac, NY besides Randall Forcellina, who is from Connecticut and who I met online when I was 15 years old. He is 5 years older than me. Randall Forcellina recruits people by brainwashing them against me with slander, lies, manipulation, bribery, blackmail, extortion, threats against their life and whatever he can get away with, in order for them to participate in the severe psychological, emotional, sexual, and mental abuse and murder of me. He is plotting to murder me soon (today's date is 6/14/2024). I am scared for my life. Intelligence and law enforcement agencies aren't doing anything to protect me, despite knowing that my life is being threatened and is in danger and despite having evidence and undeniable proof in the form of cellphone text messages, call logs, Discord server discussions, witness testimonies, communications and reports by me to the various Police departments, Sheriff departments, FBI and more; Signal/Telegram messages that hopefully are able to be decrypted and read by the maintainers of the respective platforms (with a backdoor built-in by design in emergencies like this), and other forms of evidence. Learn more about me...

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Marc Colligan and Brian T. Peterson were for some reason let go after being arrested for criminal trespassing with intent to murder because some corrupt officer thought that I wanted Brian T. Peterson and Marc Colligan to be let go. This is false. They came back to my property. I am scared for my life. Tim Johnson is also on my property. My life is in danger. They are committing hate crimes against me. They are threatening to erase all of my blog posts after they murder me. Secret Service needs to be involved ASAP. Hostinger is already involved and will be aware if things are changed or added after I am murdered.

Police report that I filed with the Lake County Sheriff today about the continuous drugging and rape of me…

“Yesterday and today, I was drugged and raped throughout the day by my Dad, Brian T. Peterson. I experienced
lots of missing time, my inner thighs hurt, my vagina hurts, the sides of my hips hurt, and my jaw and neck hurt
and I have short memories of being raped. Before my Dad le� at around 1:15pm today, as I was laying in bed, I
recall him spitting something in my face and eye which immediately made me lose consciousness. He has
drugged and raped me in the past, including about a dozen times in January of this year. Also, my Dad doused
me with weird smelling chemicals throughout the day, as I was drugged at various times and vaginally and anally
raped me. I don’t really know everything that happened. Yesterday, when he was over, as soon as he came over
he started verbally abusing me and yelled at me for no reason, but I started crying and went to my room to lay
down for a while and at one point I remember losing and regaining consciousness and being vaginally and anally
raped throughout the day, sexually abused that I don’t feel comfortable talking about. During one point, where I
felt like I was drugged, I remember hearing him yelling at people from the other room and hearing many other
people in my home that I didn’t invite over, walking around in my house and making noise. I remember my cat,
Starshine, meowing loudly and frequently and my Dad yelling in Starshine’s face. Unfortunately, my Dad, Brian T.
Peterson, is addicted to meth and crack, and I remember seeing him take a hit from a crack and blow it in
Starshine’s face and then yell directly into Starshine’s face. I am severely traumatized. He will never be welcome
in my home again. I will not open my door for any Sheriff deputies because a�er I filed an online report about a
different incident, I was called by a deputy and I felt like they wanted to falsely label me as mentally ill and not
take my reports seriously. I just need this to be filed so that these crimes are documented. Thank you.”

I was scopolamined and drugged, allegedly by my Dad, Brian T. Peterson. NSA said they have video proof and documented it…

I don’t know exactly what happened, but I have been scopolamined enough times in my life to know the effects of it and when it happens. I usually feel a weird feeling in my throat, I start stuttering, sometimes see weird visual effects like ripples or slight hallucinations, and talk with a lisp and my voice often turns to a mild, throaty, yell. I have a therapist appointment at 3pm and I am going to mention it right away and get it documented. I don’t remember what happened but I remember coming to my senses and time had passed and I was crying and yelling out loudly for probably 15 minutes nonstop, hysterically crying and hyperventilating while yelling “I was raped”. My lower body, around my thighs, is sore, my vaginal area feels sore and violated and hurts, my inner thighs hurt, my left side of my hip hurts… I was dehydrated and I felt mentally drained. Before my Dad left at around 1:15pm, he tucked me into bed, which is what he often does, and I think he spit something in my face and eye which drugged me. I don’t feel well. I think about a half hour of time was lost. I am sitting down trying not to move much. Also, my Dad doused me heavily with weird smelling chemicals throughout the day, as I was drugged at various times. I can’t smell my natural smell, I want my natural body smell back and when I smelled Starshine, who has been hiding, I couldn’t smell his natural cat scent when I smelled his first, it made me cry so loudly and violently for several minutes, I want my cats natural smell back. My jaw and neck hurt a lot too. I don’t really know what happened. Yesterday, when he was over, as soon as he came over he started verbally abusing me and yelled at me for something, I don’t even remember what, but I started crying and went to my room to lay down for a while and at one point I remember “waking up” or starting to gain consciousness, I don’t even remember falling asleep but he yelled something about me from the other room, I don’t remember what it was but I remember that it was a disgusting remark about me, and then later on I felt like I was drugged or not fully aware of my surroundings as I was laying in bed and I don’t remember much, only short, few second sound clips in my mind but I remember him yelling to someone on the phone and seemed angry and Starshine was yelling in the background and he yelled at Starshine, I could tell that he yelled something to Starshine while being very close to Starshine, I think he yelled in Starshine’s face, but Starshine’s meows sounded scared and very loud and very frequent and I tried to get up and check on him but I couldn’t and then I remember hearing the bathroom door slam shut while he was still yelling on the phone and then “waking up” some time later. I don’t really know what happened. Also, I should mention that yesterday, as soon as my Dad, Brian T. Peterson came over, he started verbally abusing me for no reason. I don’t even remember what he was yelling about, but I started crying and went into my room to get away from him and lay down on my bed. It was after that that I started being drugged and raped by him and losing consciousness and regaining consciousness throughout the day. I don’t remember most of what happened that day. I am almost certain that he was on drugs yesterday and today. He has been rapidly losing weight for the past 2 weeks and especially the past week. When he came over today, he seemed emaciated and looked like he was starving. He immediately went into the bathroom for several minutes and I heard him laughing in the bathroom and then I overheard him throwing up for a few minutes. When he came out, he said that he wasn’t feeling well and had a headache, felt vertigo, hadn’t been sleeping, and needed to lay down. I made french fries for him to eat but he refused. He didn’t eat anything while he was here from approximately 8AM to sometime around 1 or 1:15PM. I am concerned for his health and safety, but I am more concerned for my health and my life. What he did is unforgivable. He will never be welcome in my home again, after bringing strangers into MY house while I was drugged and unconscious and after abusing my cat, Starshine and yelling in his face. Starshine seemed like he was scared and yelling at my Dad during the little part that I do remember. This was my safe space where I felt safe, up until 2 days ago. I don’t want him bringing random strangers, drugs, and whatever else in my home, and I especially will not tolerate being drugged and raped in my home. I will not open my door for any Sheriff deputies, because I do not feel comfortable talking to an officer about what happened. I had an unpleasant encounter recently with a Sheriff deputy, in which I felt threatened and it felt like they were trying to scare me into remaining silent about my situation and prevent me from being vocal about what’s going on. I just want this report to be filed, so that I can have more proof of my situation. Thank you. Sincerely, Bree Peterson.

Contra Costa Sheriff David Livingston is corrupt and threatened to have me arrested for no reason… Google, T-Mobile, OpenSUSE, Starlink, Signal, Telegram, NSA and others will not give in to recent threats made by Mr. Livingston. They cannot be bribed or threatened into becoming corrupt

Contra Costa Sheriff David Livingston is corrupt and threatened to have me arrested for no reason… Google, T-Mobile, OpenSUSE, Starlink, Signal, Telegram, NSA and others will not give in to recent threats made by Mr. Livingston. They cannot be bribed or threatened into becoming corrupt

I have heard recently that my landscaper named Benito has a key to my house that was given to him by my Dad, Brian T. Peterson approximately 2 weeks ago. He has a financial incentive to see me murdered. I am scared for my life. The NSA needs to protect my life ASAP. Sincerely, Bree Peterson (formerly known as Brian Brytus, before I had gender reassignment surgery on 8/8/2018 to complete my medical transition from being an androgynous individual to a female). I don’t have a penis or testicles. I never had a penis or testicles. I am being threatened in the most deranged and sexually abusive way possible.

I have heard recently that my landscaper named Benito has a key to my house that was given to him by my Dad, Brian T. Peterson approximately 2 weeks ago. He has a financial incentive to see me murdered. I am scared for my life. The NSA needs to protect my life ASAP. Sincerely, Bree Peterson (formerly known as Brian Brytus, before I had gender reassignment surgery on 8/8/2018 to complete my medical transition from being an androgynous individual to a female. I don’t have a penis or testicles. I never had a penis or testicles. I am being threatened in the most deranged and sexually abusive way possible)

I was remotely contacted by the local Sheriff’s department and told that I was being raped and tortured last night

This has happened many times in the past, with the last time being in late January, when my biological brother, Bill Brytus, scopolamined and and raped me and then threw me into the hospital, where I explained that I was the victim of rape and torture. My inner thighs were bruised and swollen and this is documented in the NSA archives and police report, which are sealed for the protection of the innocent, me, Bree Peterson (formerly known as Brian Brytus before I had gender reassignment surgery on 8/8/2018, to complete my medical transition to a female from a biological androgynous individual). I later found out that the person who raped me that night was my own biological brother, William AKA Bill Brytus, who used scopolamine to try to block out the memories of the alleged rape. I am seeking justice against any and all individuals who tried to cover up this crime in the hospital that night when I was raped and mentally abused and tortured. Adam Levy also was involved in the rape and torture of me that night and I fear repercussions from going public with this information.


Bree Peterson

I was remotely contacted a corrupt Government official, the Lake County California Sheriff, this morning at around 6AM and threatened to remain silent in exposure of a cover-up

I feel as though my life is in danger by the police department of Lake County, California, the Clearlake Police Department. They threatened to murder me, silence me, and cover up the exposure of a major crime committed by the Lake County California Sheriff’s office.

I need witness protection immediately and for the cover-up to be exposed, because I am being harassed, threatened, terrorized, and emailed about a cover-up. I am an NSA agent being threatened remotely, technologically with advanced weaponry systems. All I have done is tell the rest of the police about a cover-up. When this cover-up is exposed, my Dad will be implicated in a multitude of crimes, some in which involve illicit drug trafficking, secret relationships, covert abuse and torture of me, and wide range of crimes committed against me by all of the members of the group that my Dad was a part of. He had a secret life that he kept secret from me, up until today. I fear for my life and my husband, Brian T. Peterson’s life. The Lake County Sheriff remotely tortured me and told me that I was “going to be next” on the hit list. Yesterday afternoon, before my Dad left my home, he made me swallow a pill that looked like an antipsychotic medication. He had in the past tried to fetishize the forcefulness of antipsychotics down my throat. I have tried to get justice from various law enforcement agencies for the past 5 years, but have repeatedly been told that it was mental illness. My Dad tried to rape me after this happened yesterday and was acting very suspicious before he left my property. I feel as though I am drugged and that he put a hit out on me for exposing parts of his life that he didn’t want to be exposed. I am taking precautions to protect myself and make sure that a cover-up doesn’t happen.

My Dad, Brian T. Peterson, abused me earlier today and I still fear for my life. I have no one and nothing to protect me from my Dad, who has attempted to murder me in the past and who has severely abused me in the past…

Unfortunately, I took down or edited all of the references to the sexual, psychological, emotional and mental abuse that was done to me by my Dad, Brian T. Peterson. At times, I’ve felt as if he wasn’t himself and during those times, he would severely abuse me, threaten to murder me, and do so much to psychologically terrorize me. He even committed severe hate crimes against me at times, by purposely trying to diminish my gender, call me by the wrong pronouns, and I suspect that he called me Brian, my former name, behind my back, to a group of friends that he associated with. For the record, my name is Bree Peterson. I’m a 38-year old post-op transgender woman, currently living in Lower Lake, California in a house that he bought, in his name, specifically for me to live in. He loved me more than anything. I was the closest one to him in life throughout his life, up until the past year, when he illegally kicked me out of our home in Santa Rosa, California. Ever since that day, I have feared that Sarah Haverty had complete control over his mind and body. I witnessed firsthand abuse, in the form of sexual, psychological and emotional abuse of him by her and Randall Forcellina. He would verbally, emotionally and financially abuse me in many ways throughout our relationship. I am seeking justice for all those involved in the sexual abuse, mental abuse, psychological abuse, emotional abuse, torture, hate crimes, death threats, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder inflicted upon me throughout our relationship. A lot of Government agencies covered this up over the years. I have exposed both him and others involved in these crimes against me. Some of the others involved these crimes committed against me include Randall Forcellina, Matthew Kreuter, Timothy Johnson, Jan Greenbaum, Bill Brytus, Lisa Brytus, Thomas Haverty, Erica Edde, Angela Edde, Bernita Edde and many others that had been recruited by those people in the group. For the last few years that we lived together, we slept in the same bed every night, he tucked me in every night, and at times was the best Dad and partner in the world to me. He was my Dad, best friend and partner. We were married for most of our relationship, but never had a sexual relationship, because first and foremost, he was my Dad. Also, I am an mostly an asexual woman and sex doesn’t interest me, and he knew that. We had the best relationship in the world, when he was his normal self. Unfortunately, at times throughout our relationship, he seemed to have a secret life and a group of friends that were a bad influence on him. This group of people tried everything in their power to get him to abuse me in every way possible, emotionally abandon me, commit hate crimes against me, and to murder me and replace me with them. Unfortunately, he went along with their plans at various times throughout our relationship, and I was the innocent victim of many severe crimes. On many occasionally, I was physically assaulted and sexually raped by him and other people in their group. However, whenever this group of people were not a part of his life, he would go back to being the best Dad in the world to me. I love him more than anything. In my opinion, the two main negative influences on him in his life are Randall Forcellina and Sarah Haverty. For the past 6 months, Sarah Haverty controlled every aspect of his life, including his his body and mind, as well as his personal finances. She exploited the fact that he has a sex addiction and used that to gain complete complete over him and his life and he became her sex slave at the end. I personally witnessed this whenever I would visit my Dad at 5775 Gates Road, Santa Rosa CA 95404. Sarah allowed him to see me up until around 4pm most days, at which point he had to spend the rest of the evening with her. Eventually, around early January of 2024, Sarah told him to not let me visit him any more and to participate, again, in the abuse and murder of me.

My Dad was over today, a Lake County Sheriff deputy called me…

My Dad was over for a good portion of the day and we just hung out.

Also, a Lake County Sheriff deputy called me at around 3:30PM, after my Dad had left, and said something like they were concerned about me and wanted to know if I could speak to a deputy that would come out to my house. The way it was phrased, “concerned about you”, made me question what this call was really about. The deputy didn’t say he felt this was a serious threat against my life and that they would investigate, or that he agreed that my life was in danger; the words “concerned about your safety”, which I believe was the exact phrase used, seemed extremely odd and unsettling.

I have been through this for many years and have dealt with several different police departments and Sheriff departments over the years and can tell, when talking to them, if are going to take my information seriously or not. The deputy also said that I needed to speak to a deputy in order for them to open an investigation, which is a ridiculous lie and not something that I feel comfortable doing. In the past, some officers have tried to label me as mentally for no reason other than me being vocal about threats made against my life. If they wanted to, they could just ask me questions over the phone and open the investigation. Or not even ask me questions. The information that I provided is enough to substantiate an investigation. This makes me, unfortunately, have very little confidence in the Lake County Sheriff Department. I had high hopes when I first moved here that – if I never needed to contact them – the Lake County Sheriff department would be competent enough and work hard to fight for my justice and to investigate my stalkers/abusers. Using the phrase “concerned about your safety” and requesting that I speak to a deputy that they send out to my house is not exactly the best way to treat someone who has just had their life threatened. It’s a way to essentially scare me into thinking that they’re going to label me as crazy and try to get me involuntarily committed, or worse. This is not an appropriate nor professional response from a deputy that hears about a situation like mine. I don’t appreciate being intimidated and scared into silence and I will not allow myself to be threatened without being vocal about it and documenting it.

Never the less, my 2 police reports that I submitted online will be filed, and if the Lake County Sheriff department decides someday to take death threats seriously and to open an investigation into those that make death threats, or if the FBI or any other agency decides to look into this matter, I have police reports documenting the recent and recurring threats made against my life. Lake County Sheriff department needs to take death threats seriously instead of trying to send someone out to talk to me because they’re “concerned about my safety”. They should be concerned about investigating Randall Forcellina, a dangerous criminal who openly threatens me and others with no repercussions, and focus on getting a warrant for his cellphone records and geolocation data so that they can collect the evidence that is needed to arrest him. They need to focus less on me and more on Randall Forcellina, a dangerous criminal that the Lake County Sheriff department insists on protecting.

Threatened again tonight – Filed online police report

i was threatened at 1:30 AM by my stalkers again. Three of them got out of a car parked in front my driveway and yelled various things to me, including death threats, saying that they were going to kill me. I filed an online police report to document the incident. My stalkers need to be investigated immediately and brought to justice.

Recent death threats made by Randall Forcellina – he is going to murder me this week.

For many years, I have had a stalker named Randall Forcellina that became deranged and obsessed with me. He would slander me to everyone around me and try to brainwash them against me, sometimes with success. I just got word from multiple anonymous people, some with ties to law enforcement and intelligence agencies, some with ties to Randall Forcellina, that Randall Forcellina aka “Island” (along with his friends Matthew Kreuter, Tim Johnson and others), came out to California again and successfully brainwashed some neighbors and people around me into participating in the murder of me. He falsely promised them large sums of money in return for participating in the abuse and murder of me. Randall Forcellina brainwashed neighbors all around me (I live at 5935 Sunrise Ct, Lower Lake CA 95457) into participating in the abuse and murder of me. I am requesting law enforcement agencies to take this information seriously and do a thorough investigation into the matter and bring Randall Forcellina and others to justice. Randall Forcellina is a dangerous, transphobic, bigoted stalker and abuser that has stalked, abused, and slandered me for many years. He needs to be imprisoned immediately.

Randall Forcellina and others will murder me and try to make it look like a drug overdose. I do not take any illegal drugs. I am prescribed and take Abilify, Estradiol (female hormones that I have been on for many years), and Adderall. Once again, for the record, I do not take any illegal drugs. Randall Forcellina has threatened to murder me and make it look like it was an opiate overdose. He threatened to do the same thing about a year ago, at which point I called Sonoma County Sheriff department, told them of his threats against my life and plans, and filed a report and requested an investigation into him.

Various agencies, including local police departments, Sheriff departments, the FBI, certain people at the NSA (via public email addresses and contact forms), attorney generals, DA’s, and whoever else I’ve been able to contact over the years, know about the situation and have been contacted by me before, in an effort to protect myself from the threats against my life.

I live alone, however my Dad, Brian T. Peterson (who still lives at 5775 Gates Road, Santa Rosa CA, where I used to live with him), regularly visits me at least 3 days a week. My Dad left for a business trip, in London, and is unable to visit me for a week, until Thursday, June 20th, however I have been in continuous contact with him about the situation. My Dad rarely goes on business trips. This was/is a perfect opportunity for my stalker/abuser/murderer to break in to my home and murder me, while my Dad is temporarily unable to be here to protect me.

I personally do not have enough proof to provide, if contacted by law enforcement officers, however, I would like law enforcement agencies to take this seriously and to investigate Randall Forcellina. Any time that I have contacted law enforcement agencies, they have tried to label me as mentally ill, due to the fact that I have, in the past, mentioned the use of “remote directed energy weapons” in the abuse and torture of me, by Randall Forcellina. I will not open my door for any law enforcement officers, ever, unless presented with a warrant, because I do not trust that they won’t try to label me as mentally ill. They need to investigate my stalker, Randall Forcellina, (who continues to stalk, harass, abuse and threaten to murder me) and bring him to justice. All that I am requesting is that law enforcement officials to be aware of my situation and to investigate Randall Forcellina and bring him to justice. My life is in danger, more than ever before, and I am doing whatever possible to protect my life.

Just a random update!

Hello. I just figured I would do a random update, since I haven’t posted an update since I moved into my new home in Lower Lake.

So, my Dad has been his normal self lately and been sweet to me. He visits me 2-3 times a week here, brings me food and makes sure I’m okay and hangs out with me and the cats. He’s back to his old self. He loves me and doesn’t want anything to happen to me.

Unfortunately, some of the neighbors have been contacted by my stalker and given technology to monitor and harass me. Some of them are cool and nice, but one of them believes Randy’s lies and goes along with the abuse and torture.

Randy Forcellina tells them whatever crazy lies he needs to, in order to brainwash them into going along with whatever he tells them to do and say to me. They do whatever he tells them to do. Like I said, though, some of them can see through his lies and bullshit and don’t go along with it and are nice to me.

Yesterday, I was recording my audio journal and I overheard 2 of my neighbors outside talking outside. I paused for about a minute and amplified the recording. I heard one of them yell in my direction “you need to talk to people!” and the other neighbor said “who?”. Then I said something like “my neighbor is creepy and obsessed with me” and one of the neighbors said something like “damn right, it’s abuse, get it out”.

My stalker tells people that he has a relationship with my Dad (which he doesn’t. He’s never even met my Dad) and that after I’m dead, they can infiltrate his life and convince him to give them money and be part of his life. Unfortunately, one of my neighbors actually believes his lies. Luckily, most of them can see through his lies.

Also, I have my cats back!!! Starshine and Sydney are doing well. They are so happy to be back with me. 😀

Moving into my new home on Thursday!!!

My Dad is fulfilling his promise of purchasing a home for me 😀🐥 The closing date is Thursday, the 14th.

It’s in Lower Lake (Lake County), not Sonoma County. Still, I’m very happy and feel good about it. My stalker will most likely try to contact neighbors and people around me and try to slander me. I hope not, but that’s what he’s done everywhere else that I’ve been. Hopefully no one believes his bullshit. Preferably, they should do everything in their power to have Randall Forcellina imprisoned for what he does (stalking, abuse, slander, hate crimes and more). If you are ever (falsely) promised stuff in exchange for going along with the stalking and abuse of me, just know that he has nothing to offer and it is all lies. He is desperate.

Great article I found about Social Identify Theft and Bullying being the goal of many Copycat Stalkers…

As I’ve mentioned before, my main stalker, Randy Forcellina AKA “Island”, desperately wants to be me. He has taken everything about my past and attributed it to him. He has literally tried to swap our entire lives and histories. He literally has tried to infiltrate my family and try to brainwash them into making him part of the family. He read people’s minds and figured out what they love about me and what they hate about him and literally tries to swap our lives and identities. He is a copycat stalker. It’s so, so creepy. By the way, if you want to see an actual picture of my stalker, click here (links to He looks like shit. He’s a 43-year old con artist with graying hair. He’s very good at manipulating people into believing that he is someone or something that he is not.

Anyway, I found an amazing article on Flying Monkeys Denied (great website!) that describes him perfectly. I’m just going to post it in it’s entirety here because it’s so good and everything in the article relates to my stalker.


Is someone who is nuttier than a bag of squirrels copycat stalking while simultaneously striving to smear campaign against you? Here’s why it’s seriously bothersome and such an upsetting thing for a victim of an obsessed, vendetta-fueled, rage-a-holic to have to endure.

Social Identity theft of another person’s persona and reputation is a form of Aggravated Stalking. When and if a person is targeted by an Abuser for Copycat Stalking, the Abuser typically (in modern-day) is likely to rely heavily on personal information gleaned about their mark by the target’s friends, family, former lover(s), and social media.

If you are being stalked by a person with an EROTOMANIA fixation on you — or by a person who has outright confessed having pathological envy — understand you are dealing with a very psychologically and emotionally unstable person. The more extreme their personality type, the more likely they are to develop either a paranoid and delusional fixation on you (leaving the impression they have a Vendetta agenda) or they are likely to do everything in their human power to out-do or to essentially out BE you.

People with narcissistic personality traits and a fragile self-image are the type most likely to develop copycat fixations on a person they envy. If they have Malignant Narcissist or Psychopathic personality traits and are Machiavellian (meaning willing to do or say anything at any time in order to promote their own self-interests while harming, socially shaming, or striving to isolate and humiliate their target), they are likely to have a DARK TRIAD personality type.

This is not a joke, when and if you are targeted by a stalker.

People who copycat and try and “replace” another person in the minds of others are like the drag queens who impersonate someone they admire — except in the case of someone having an Erotomania fixation on a target they loathe, every time they engage in something like copycat posting, smear campaigning, attempting to break their victim’s healthy demand for No Contact, or doing anything baiting or provoking in order to gain the attention of their obsession, they reveal everything about their own nature and nothing about the person they’ve targeted.

Copycat Stalking gets under the skin of most victims because any intelligent and healthy person knows NOT TO DO IT.

But that’s where extreme frustration in most victims starts to set in…

If a victim complains to friends and family that they are creeped out by a person who is obsessed with striving to virtually BECOME them, most are told by people who were raised to have ENABLER mentalities that they should feel FLATTERED by the toxic person’s fixation on them.

Here’s the problem with that notion…

Not only does it socially leave the ABUSER in a position of great power — sitting in the hot seat of being socially supported terrorizing and committing extremely sinister and covert acts of harassing and cyberbullying… the victim is left feeling ashamed for NOT feeling flattered.

When an Abuse Enabler tells a Copycat Stalking victim anything other than that their stalkers actions must indeed be unnerving and that those types of actions (trying to steal the social identity and reputation of another while competing with them to be considered their “upgrade replacement”) are anything but deplorable, they are actually causing compounded insult to injury to the victim.

As such, anyone willing to overlook or ignore a CopyCat Stalker’s antics and to advise a victim to not only do the same but to ignore safety concerns and take the abuse as a COMPLIMENT, they are 100% guilty of committing Narcissistic Abuse of a victim while acting by free-will choice as an abuser by proxy.

Copycat Stalking is not some kind of innocent thing. It is a major red flag that the person who engages in the act is likely to be high functioning, yet extremely psychologically unstable. Most people who engage in extreme acts of obsession are prone to violence, both within their own households and against their intended targets and victims.

Targeting not only their preferred abuse target but also that person’s friends, family members, schoolmates going as far back in a hometown as the Perpetrator can find, professional connections, businesses or restaurants where a mark frequents, a person’s pets, and more, the Copycat Stalker is the ultimate situational abuser. Every social media electronic “life” trail of the victim is likely to be hawked, contacted, publically flamed, used to ridicule a target, and becomes a source of contention for the predator.

If their obsession posts a happy picture, it enrages them.

If their obsession posts a sad or emotional comment about something… anything… it’s a problem.

Memes shared by a mark will either be copied or the theme openly ridiculed (depending on the mood of the Copycat Stalker).

Pictures will be made fun of, with the predator making the nastiest comments about the subject then following up with some bizarre set of copycat themed “I’m better than you” photographs.

When the person being objectified and copied is a celebrity, a person who seeks to be more like their idol may share frequent posts glorifying that person’s look or personality type. But when the person being copied is someone that the Copycat Stalker has some sort of self-perceived personal connection with, then all bets are off.

The more psychologically dangerous and dysfunctional the stalker who obsessed about socially replacing and destroying all evidence that their obsession existed is simply not posting copycat images or running behind a person they hate or envy. They will persistently do weirdo stuff like showing up constantly at the places where their target is known to frequent or trying to style themselves in such a way that the mark has virtually every personal detail of their life and look dissected.

A person who targets another living, breathing, human being for complete social, emotional, and (oftentimes) physical and/or financial destruction is not doing anything to a victim that’s even remotely above board or flattering. They are violating that person’s privacy rights in such a way that it’s extremely public.

It should unnerve a victim. Crazy cat ladies, new mates of an obsessed ex… if they have a controlling, hyper-dominating, grandiose personality disorder that makes them prone to obsession and vendetta stalking, they are PHYSICALLY DANGEROUS.

Not only are they likely to accost a victim when and if they find that person alone and the stalker has a chance to situationally abuse, but the C-PTSD caused in most victims from having to live in extreme fear and be placed under a constant state of duress also tends to ruin a person’s day frequently, and can cause feelings of agoraphobia. The additional feeling like a victim lives under a constant social microscope and that they are being hunted for no good end is also likely to cause stress illnesses in the unvalidated victim over time.

Truly, the Stalker is not the only person a targeted victim ends up being terrified of socially; it’s all the Abuser’s Enablers and those who are so stupid emotionally and personally that they overlook or ignore the impact a Cyberbully or pervasive stalker has on a victim’s life.

Literally, a Copycat Stalking abuse victim has two choices — either go into witness protection style hiding or feel the fear and do it anyway. This means if they want to have a personal life, friendships, a family, or a career they have to simply keep doing their own thing while learning to expect the grossest forms of public abuse that their obsessed stalker tries putting out to deceive their own friends, social connections, and family members.

Since most Malignant Narcissists tend to have no real personal sense of an identity other than believing they are better than other people, entitled to bully and do harm daily to others, and that they have the reputation of always getting their way in life after applying brute force to any and all social interactions they engage in, they are likely to fixate from a young age on a handful of people they socially support and strive to emulate. At the same time, however, if they have a psychopathic streak, they will also tend to develop a laundry list of people they DON’T like… and will spend literally decades trying to cause those targeted marks extreme duress and social harm.

But here’s the deal.

When a person is stalking you routinely strives to harass and make threats against your person or threatens you with extortion, it’s fairly simple for an abuse victim to understand in their own mind both that the other person has a serious personality problem. But when they alternate doing those things, then copycatting your every look, photo setting, camera angle, clothing choice, makeup option, dinner option, your personal preferences (as a rudimentary form of identity branding). etcetera, it stops being about a person who is violent.

The real thing it starts to become is being stalked by an intellectually and emotionally dangerous, unstable predator. One who is, for lack of a better set of phrases, likely to have at low-end IQ but a grandiose sense of entitlement that can only be described in clinical settings as they are delusional and morally insane.

That means the victim has to fear physical harm while being slowly tortured day after day, month after month, year after year, and in the case of those being hunted by the sickest of all cyberbullies and Aggravated Stalkers, sometimes decades before their Swim Fan’s obsession with them starts to fade.

Copycats are people who lack a clear sense of propriety. They see nothing wrong with things like identity theft, doing things they know are likely to cause other people duress, or bullying.

Since they are desperately seeking to define their own sense of self by compulsively and habitually comparing themselves to other people, as human beings they all tend to be resounding failures. They cannot find themselves because when they look in the mirror they see nothing but other people’s reflections.

In a person’s mind that has replaced and outdone another human being in their own mind’s eye, nothing short of the death and total social and financial ruin of their targeted mark will sate their need to speak abusively about or to their fixation. They not only want to personally know that they deliberately seek to replace and harm their target, but they also become virtually orgasmic when and if they have the opportunity to publicly shame or privately emotionally distress their target.

It’s not just clandestine stalking the Copycat Erotomania stalker pulls on their victim(s). It’s the objectification and social dismantling of their person.

That’s why it’s so unnerving to victims…

Feeling powerless to stop a stalker with a vendetta agenda is bad enough. Living in fear of a deranged person is bad enough. But to see all the best parts of your life and the things that truly make you YOU be stolen, copied, and made a mockery of by another person? Presumably, a person who has set their sights on pulling an elaborate con job on not only your personal friends, family, and any past loves or professional interests but who is so low and shallow by nature that they lie to and deceive their own friends and family members (as well as the authorities) about what they are doing?


It’s some scary and comprehensively life-altering, spiritually and emotionally vexing crap for any target or victim to have to endure.

If you know a person who is being stalked or who suspects they are being cyber hunted for social media copycatting, believe them and resist the urge to give advice to them about how they can or should behave in order to change their situation. It’s only going to make things worse for them not to have a person they can confide in about their fears.

Understand that when a victim asks, “Why me?” with regard to why they are being stalked and copied by a person who either claims to hate them or is so deranged that they force the victim into having to pay social or emotional attention to them as a virtual stranger seeking intimacy in communication, they really are asking for EMPATHY from a listener — not advice, talking down to, or some dismissive style of “for their own good” education.

The best way for a victim’s support network to deal with a target’s frustration and justifiable fear is to validate their concerns without striving to change the behavior of the predator. To claim anything an abuse victim does or does not do to a stalker in any way, shape, or form is going to put the victim in a position to be responsible for the actions of a possibly violent, intellectually unbalanced, and morally deranged person is nothing more than abusive lunacy.

When a person feels like they are being erased from their own romantic past, family, profession, or friendship circle by a smear campaigning copycat, they are likely to feel extremely conflicted.

Not only will questions arise constantly in the victim about what they could have done or not do to avoid having caused Narcissistic Injury to their Abuser, but they will also simultaneously question why they drew the aggressive hawk to their tail. Run, rabbit, run is likely to become the abuse victim’s lifestyle — striving to disengage from an entanglement with a person the victim themselves has no personal desire or agenda to strive to enmesh with under ANY circumstances.

That’s why trying to shift the blame for abuse on to the victim or gaslighting the victim into believing any action they take can even remotely give them power or control over their Abuser’s mind, intellect, emotional body, or behavior. Because doing so further disempowers and traumatizes the victim without making them any SAFER.

It’s BULLYING to stalk, denigrate, and commit copycat “lifestyle preference” or “personal image” stealing forms of identity theft. It’s Aggravated Stalking, Harassment, and a MAJOR (not minor) red flag that a person is not simply narcissistic by nature, they are likely to engage in systematic pattern abuse of others with an almost histrionic sense of entitlement.

Who wants to BE someone else? Who wants to look like someone else? Who wants to be known in public for being something that in their heart and at their core they are not? Who lies compulsively and pathologically to promote their own agenda — including recruiting others by lying to them and turning them into abusers by proxy in order to “get even” with a person they envy or perceive to have snubbed them in some unforgivable way or they claim (without any factual evidence whatsoever) has done them… THEM… social or emotional harm)?

A nut job, that’s who.

A seriously squirrelly nut job if they have a COPYCAT theme “Replace and conquer” personality type coupled with a vendetta agenda. Bottom line, the thing that most frequently prompts deranged people with narcissistic temperaments to develop fixations on another person is if and when they believe the person they hate is better liked, personally accomplished, or more attractive to other people than them.

Notice we did not say MORE ATTRACTIVE than the loonie.

Since comparing one person’s looks, personality, or professional acumen is inherently comparative and narcissistic, it’s simply not a smart intellectual or emotional process for normal humans to engage in. Vertical thinking patterns are the root cause of the predator’s dysfunction, so catering to it and accepting it as a valid reason for them to treat other people abusively is actually enabling them.

Whether you are prettier or more handsome than another person…

Whether you are smarter or have a more prestigious degree than another…

Whether you have or make more MONEY than another…

Really isn’t the POINT of being human.

People who copycat to destroy are the lowest form of bottom-feeding, scum-sucking social predators and Machiavellian deceivers.

Not only should they be avoided by any healthy, sane, and rational person, authorities need to be made aware of the person’s pattern of socially provocative bemusing.

Copycat Stalkers try to manufacture competition with another person’s looks, personality type, success, and fashion.

A squirrelly bunch, they are to be called out openly in a public forum in a non-interactive, indirect sort of way.

Other than that, speaking up in a public venue or with the authorities for your own protection. the deranged, malicious, egomaniacs are best left completely socially dismissed and avoided.

Pathological envy and malignant narcissism (a bad combo that my stalker has!)

My main stalker/abuser, Randy “Island” Forcellina, has pathological envy and malignant narcissism. He engages in smear campaigns and slanders me to anyone that will listen. I’ve posted a lot about this many times before. He has even created fake conversations in my name. He now gives people a fake name when he meets them, so that they don’t find out who he really is. If you’re ever contacted by someone and told lies and slander about me, it’s Randy Forcellina or one of his flying monkeys that contacted you and is trying to brainwash you against me. Ignore him and don’t engage with him.

Anyway, I found this post on with two great replies.

A pathological envious malignant Narcissist will ALWAYS have the villain……this person will be painted black, and become enemy number one everybody must be against them. The villain does not necessarily have to have done anything.

Just be the next target, there will always be a “villain” at all costs, the extremity of warzone is unbelievable. The smear campaign is horrendous. 1 glitch from the “villain” is met with an onslaught of verbal abuse, violent accusations…..

Much like the normal behaviors of a Narcissist but blend pathological envy in with a person who is already suffering with insecurities and envy. You’ll get a person who MUST at all times survive with a victim, who in their mind is the villain, there will ALWAYS be a villain, a new one constantly. Unlike the partner NPD, the pathologically envious malignant Narcissist has a constant create villain daily, weekly, necessity anybody is a selection.

All narcissist are envious. Some act out in rage while smearing the person they are envious of behind their back. A malignant narcissist may engage in trying to destroy the person they are envious of. They will engage in lying, smearing, and sabotage.

Narcissists in general are envious of anyone who has more than they do. Anyone who makes more money, has a better job, is more educated, is better looking etc.

Let’s say you work with a narcissist and you are both up for a job promotion. You get the promotion. The narcissist reacts to his or her jealousy and envy by smearing you behind your back. He or she begins telling people at work you are not qualified for the position. The only reason you were promoted is you slept with the right people. The smear campaign may or may not end with diminishing your qualifications. The narcissist may go on to sabotage you at work doing anything it takes to make you look bad. This may continue making it impossible for you to work in this type of invironment.

Narcissists also engage in smear campaigns if you leave them. The narcissist will try to turn your own children against you. Some will go so far as to use the court system to abuse you.

Went to look at houses yesterday!!! (good news)

We (my Dad and I) had a really good day yesterday!!! We went to look at houses! We found 2 really good homes and hopefully I will move into one of them with my cats soon!!! 😀🐥🐈‍⬛♥️

Threatened on reddit, staying at motel in Rohnert Park and more updates

Someone recently threatened me on on my other reddit account. Click here to see the reddit comment thread. The original comment was deleted and also the post where they threatened me was removed by reddit. They said “see what happens this week” and again dead named me. Most likely, it is someone that has been lied to by Tim Johnson or Randy, and brainwashed into believing lies and slander about me.

I would go to police about the recent threat made against me, but they don’t seem to want to do anything about what’s been going on. They are protecting the criminals. Them, along with the FBI, have never taken this case seriously. This is why another law enforcement agency needs to get involved.

Almost all of the people in their “group” have decided not to go along with their plans to abuse and murder me, but there are still a handful of people in the group that are continuing to go along with it. Randy, Tim and a few others continue to contact new people and spread lies and slander about me and recruit new people to participate in the abuse and murder of me (using directed energy weapons). Still, I feel good and optimistic about my situation moving forward because things are a lot better than they were and seem to be getting better.

I am staying at a motel in Rohnert Park temporarily, until my Dad buys me a forever home for me and my cats. I feel mostly safe here. I’m lonely, though, and miss living with my Dad and cats, Starshine and Sydney. Hopefully, within a month, I’ll be in my home and feel more comfortable/safe. I miss my cats dearly.

That’s pretty much all that’s been going on the past week. I’ve just been hanging out in my motel room, waiting for my Dad to buy me my forever home so I can see my cats, Starshine and Sydney, again.

Screenshots from reddit:

My psychopathic stalkers and abusers are still in Santa Rosa – Police and authorities need to take my claims seriously before it is too late

My stalkers and abusers, Randy Forcellina AKA Island, Tim Johnson, Matt Kreuter and others are still spreading slander about me and showing everyone around the community (Santa Rosa, CA) fake conversations or conversations that they claim are from me. They come up with the most disgusting, perverted slander. They essentially have a mind control cult and are trying to brainwash my Dad (not my biological father but he took me in over 6.5 years ago) into abandoning me so that they can infiltrate his life and steal his money or get things from him. I hope my Dad doesn’t actually let them into his life. It would be the worst decision of his life.

Randy has been stalking me, abusing me, slandering me, and using directed energy weapons to torture and slowly murder me for almost 20 years.

I have Autism, PTSD and other mental health issues and they see me as an easy target to victimize and ultimately murder. They send people down a brainwashing rabbit hole and create the sickest, weirdest keywords/phrases and crazy, perverted stories about me.

For the record, I am a post-op transgender woman. I had gender reassignment surgery on 8/8/18, the happiest day of my life. I have a vagina. I do not have a penis or testicles. I do not produce testosterone. Also, I am a virgin and Asexual. They tell people that I’m a man and a pedophile, but it’s actually the opposite. My driver’s license says Bree Peterson (Female), my Social Security card says Bree Peterson and I’m registered as a female with the Social Security Administration. My passport ID still has my old name but it has been changed to Female. My birth certificate from NY has been changed to Bree Peterson, Female.

They live in NY and in Randy’s case, Nashville TN now. They come out here every once in a while to stalk, harass, slander and attempt to murder me, while brainwashing my family that I have been a part of for 6.5 years. They attempt to brainwash the entire community and city of Santa Rosa into believing the most outrageous, perverted slander about me.

Sonoma Sheriff, Santa Rosa Police, FBI etc. need to finally take my claims seriously and investigate them and bring them to justice, before it is too late. They are a danger to me and the community. They need to go back to where they came from and leave me alone.

I moved to California 7 years ago to escape their sick abuse, torture and attempts to murder me. They usually come out here for a few weeks at a time then leave for a while then come back. They convince neighbors and people around me to let them stay with them and give them access to the directed energy weapons in exchange for whatever they want.

Police and authorities still haven’t taken my claims seriously. Maybe if it was their daughter or child being murdered, instead of me, they would take these claims seriously. These sick, transphobic psychopaths are getting more and more aggressive with their efforts to slander, stalk, torture, abuse, and murder me. They just continue to brainwash more and more people with their technology.

Again, they are a danger to me and the community of Santa Rosa and beyond. They need to be, at the bare minimum, in prison for life. They are psychopaths who have what is called the “Dark Triad” personality in psychology terms. Some people speculate that psychopaths with these personality disorders are responsible for all of the suffering and destruction in the world.

Again, I am begging authorities to please take my claims seriously, investigate them, and quietly bring them to justice, for the protection of myself and the community.

My stalker is planning on murdering me soon. I am scared for my life. The authorities need to investigate him immediately and bring him to justice before it is too late.

Recently, I heard through an acquaintance of mine that my stalker, Randy Forcellina AKA “Island”, traveled from Nashville, Tennessee to Santa Rosa, California to murder me. He arrived here about a week ago. He did what he normally does, which is make up slander and lies about me and convince my neighbors to let him stay with them temporarily, so that he can be close to me and murder me. He also did what he normally does with neighbors where ever I live, which is falsely promise them a large amount of money to participate in the stalking, abuse and murder of me. Yesterday, at around 6:45am when I walked outside to my car to visit my Dad, I noticed someone walking behind me. They stood beside my car and I quickly locked my cars. He was wearing a hoodie and had the hood pulled over his head and I couldn’t make out his face. I looked at him for a few seconds and got scared. He kept standing there next to my car looking at me. I quickly locked the doors of my car. I fear for my life. I heard from the acquaintance of mine that they also contacted my roommate and told her the most outrageous lies about me and convinced her to participate in the murder of me for a large amount of money. Randy AKA Island has tried to do this at every place that I have lived, but ultimately every neighbor came to realize that Randy’s lies weren’t true and that he wasn’t planning on paying them to help facilitate in the murder of me. For many years, I have been sending in tips to the FBI and local police departments to alert them of Randy’s plans. This matter has never been investigated, unfortunately. Police need to finally investigate Randy and bring him and his group of co-conspirators to justice. I am documenting this once again, in hopes that if I end up dead, that this matter will be investigated and that Randy and this group of people will be brought to justice. -Bree

Mentally abused and slandered at motel again

My main stalker/abuser, Randy aka Island, has people in the motel room next to mine (I’m at the motel 6 south in Santa Rosa in room 105 and they have people in 104 now) and they keep making loud noises and repeating the same keywords/phrases that he tells them to and repeating the same slander that he made up. They do it so that I can hear. This is severe mental abuse. I’m checking out tomorrow morning, anyway. How does he find these dumb/gullible people to participate in the abuse of me?

Herd Mentality in Gang Stalking

Herd Mentality in Gang Stalking

Almost all of my stalkers/abusers are of low intelligence and gullible and they stick together. They defend each other, no matter what, despite knowing deep down what they’re doing is wrong. A lot of it is due to herd mentality (Wikipedia page on herd mentality), groupthink (Wikipedia page on Groupthink) and deindividuation (Wikipedia page on Deindividuation).

My main abuser, Randy aka Island, brainwashes people into believing lies/slander about me and then acts as if he is the authority of their group. He is always controlling the narrative and knows how to suppress individuality and free thinking in his group. He has become a cult leader, of sorts, and people just blindly follow him because he has a core group of people that will always remain loyal to him, no matter what. This influences and persuades the others in the group (especially newcomers). He is a narcissistic abuser (with psychopathy and a Machiavellian personality, which forms the “dark triad”, in psychology terms) and he depends on his “flying monkeys” to help him control the narrative, dominate the conversation every waking moment, and suppress the views of anyone that goes against his plans in any way.

99% of people that they have recruited to participate in the abuse of torture of me have stopped abusing me because they eventually see through their bullshit and lies and realize that what they’re doing is wrong. The 1% that continue to go along with it are either sadistic psychopaths, jealous/envious, brainwashed/gullible, or have been (falsely) promised things.

Even though 99% of people eventually see through his bullshit, not many of them are courageous enough to actually stand up to the bully/abuser. Fortunately, I do have someone on my side that’s in my stalker/abuser’s group. This person (over the v2k and in person) doesn’t want me to be abused and is genuinely a good person. Let’s just say he doesn’t fit in with the group. The easy thing would be for him to just walk away, but he continues to defend me and refuses to compromise his morals. He sees and knows the truth, and – while he can’t be there all the time to defend me and counter the nonstop, ongoing brainwashing of new people that they recruit – when he is around, he is able to think and speak for himself and not just blindly follow orders of my main stalker/abuser. Like I said, my main stalker/abuser has become a cult leader, of sorts, and people see him as the authority. They will blindly follow him, even if it’s to their detriment. They will give him money, lie, steal and cheat for him, and put their own lives on the line, because they feel a loyalty and allegiance to him. This is because they have been falsely promised a bunch of things and are delusional enough to believe that they will get what they were promised.

Most of those that see the truth and decide not to go along with his plans just bow out and stop participating in the abuse, torture and slander of me (and brainwashing of others – new people that they try to recruit).

Groupthink requires individuals to avoid raising controversial issues or alternative solutions, and there is loss of individual creativity, uniqueness and independent thinking. The dysfunctional group dynamics of the “ingroup” produces an “illusion of invulnerability” (an inflated certainty that the right decision has been made). Thus the “ingroup” significantly overrates its own abilities in decision-making and significantly underrates the abilities of its opponents (the “outgroup”). Furthermore, groupthink can produce dehumanizing actions against the “outgroup”. Members of a group can often feel under peer pressure to “go along with the crowd” for fear of “rocking the boat” or of how their speaking out will be perceived by the rest of the group. Group interactions tend to favor clear and harmonious agreements and it can be a cause for concern when little to no new innovations or arguments for better policies, outcomes and structures are called to question. (McLeod). Groupthink can often be referred to as a group of “yes men” because group activities and group projects in general make it extremely easy to pass on not offering constructive opinions.

The herd mentality is so rampant and ridiculous that there have been days when almost all of the members of his group have taken my “side” and defended me and told the truth and not gone along with his plans, only to change their minds hours later, after being brainwashed by my main stalker/abuser/the group leader. Some days, this has happened several times. Most people in the group just go along with whatever others in the group do and are afraid to be singled out. One person in the group pretty much always sides with whatever position their friend in the group takes.

My main abuser/stalker is a master at manipulation. It’s what he’s been doing all day, every day for the past 15 years. It’s pretty much his job. He is a con artist/scam artist/bullshit artist/thief. He has even been arrested for wire fraud, larceny 4th degree, larceny 6th degree and more. His whole life has been about creating schemes and scams and defrauding people. He has gone to prison for wire fraud, and hopefully, will end up in prison again because of what he is doing to me.

As for the other members of his “group” – the ones that blindly follow him – they’re not immune to the consequences of their actions. They will get arrested too, if this is ever investigated. Or, they’ll just continue to keep doing what they’ve been doing, which is wasting their entire lives and spending all of their money slandering me and torturing me and brainwashing others. My main abuser/stalker has even lost jobs due to him spending his entire life and all of his time torturing and abusing me. He is desperate and has nothing besides his flying monkeys and these directed energy weapons/bci.

My stalker is in a motel room near me… this is scary!

Randy aka Island is trying to claim that he is me and is even in a motel room next to me. This is creepy. I’m at the motel 6 south in Santa Rosa room 105. Randy is supposedly in a room next to me and has been torturing and abusing me, along with others. I’m safe for now. He wants to claim to be me, Bree, and wants to steal my identity after he murders me. My legal name is Bree Peterson. I have all of my ID’s on me. I was born as Brian Brytus. Randy is trying to claim that he is Bree Peterson and people actually believe him. He tells people to dead name me and to call me by the wrong pronouns. These are hate crimes. He wants to steal my identity, websites, social media, etc and infiltrate my Dad (Brian)’s, life.

Randy aka Island, my narcissistic abuser, has what I’ve coined “delusional identity disorder” – he literally wants to be me

I think one reason why my abuser, Randy aka Island, constantly attacks my gender is because he is secretly jealous that I’m a woman and that he is a 42-year old straight male with a wife and 2 children. He is loyal to his wife and I’ve heard that his wife is supportive of what he is doing (trying to defraud my family/Dad out of money and steal whatever is mine and to get to stay on my Dad’s property) because it means that their family will ultimately benefit. Randy/Island has never expressed interest in transitioning or claimed to be a woman up until a little less than a month ago. Now he literally wants to be me. He’s even talked about wanting to get leg-shortening surgery to be as short as me and dying his black hair brown. He wants to infiltrate my Dad (Brian)’s life and claim that he’s a better version of me or something. He is delusional. Up until just recently, I’ve lived with my Dad for 6 years. We spent every day together, slept in the same bed most nights, he tucked me in every night, we did everything together, we were best friends and inseparable. Randy tells people that he has a secret relationship with him. This is false. Once again, he is a compulsive liar. Randy aka Island is a con artist.

Why do people “side” with Randy aka Island, the 42-year old right-wing republican man over me, the liberal transgender girl?

To all of you going along with Randy’s bullshit lies, slander and abuse of me: You guys chose the side of Randy (a 42-year old republican man that has made anti-California and anti-liberal tweets) instead of believing me (a liberal transgender woman with the best Dad in the world)?

All I’ve done is tell the truth about Randy and his flying monkeys. At least I’m a good person and don’t abuse people. Randy comes up with the creepiest, most perverted slander ever created. He comes up with the most psychologically twisted, perverted sexual slander and corrupts everyone around him. It’s disgusting.

Why would anyone want to be associated with him? The only reason is because he has mind-reading and mind control technology.

He has no relationship with my Dad (Brian) and never will. He tells people that he does. He is delusional. For 6 years, up until just recently, I spent literally every day, all day with my Dad. We did everything together. We were basically like soulmates, despite me being his daughter that he took in 6 years ago. We’ve never been “romantic”; he’s always been my Dad, first and foremost. My Dad doesn’t even know what Randy looks like.

Also, Randy literally stole everything about me and my personality and history that people liked and attributed all of his bullshit to me.

Randy is nothing more than a con artist.

My Dad will never go along with what Randy wants. He hates Randy based on what I’ve told him. Any family members of his that go along with Randy’s plot must think my Dad is dumb and don’t know him well enough. He doesn’t like being controlled and he doesn’t want anyone else living with him, not in the house and not on the property.

This is the truth about my stalker/abuser and I…

Most of the slander that my main abuser/stalker, Randy aka Island, makes up are projections. It’s sad that I actually have to type this out and post it online, but my narcissistic abuser has created the most outrageous slander and so here’s the truth:

I am a woman, not a man.

I’ve never had any facial hair (my abuser had a goatee 3yrs ago).

I never had a real job due to having Schizoaffective disorder, autism, social anxiety, CPTSD and being disabled.

Randy aka Island creates the creepiest, most disgusting, most perverted slander ever created and corrupts people.

Randy’s smear campaign is rooted in jealousy/envy. He desperately wants to be me. It’s creepy. I coined the term “delusional identity disorder”. He thinks that he is me, Bree.

I’ve never owned a company.

I knew my stalker in person because I rented the top floor of his office. I paid him around $13,000 that year.

My stalker/abuser has never given me anything or any money.

I’ve never had access to the energy weapons that they use on me.

I’m a virgin. I never used my penis for anything sexual, when I had one. I never received a blowjob or had any type of intercourse sex. I’ve only given a few blowjobs. That’s the extent of my sexual history.

Ever since I was 15yrs old, my goal was to save enough money to get gender reassignment surgery.

In 2014, after researching gender reassignment surgeries, my main stalker’s voice came back in my head and he was saying transphobic stuff to me and calling me derogatory terms.

I’ve never met, let alone had sex with anyone named Cheyenne or Corinne. If you 2 are real people, then we need to try to sue Randy for slander.

Randy is a republican trump supporter.

Randy is a con artist.

Randy makes shit up daily.

Randy was a Freemason.

Randy comes up with creepy, twisted, psychological brainwashing keywords/phrases and has people repeat them over and over to me.

Do not believe anything he says.

He has already discredited himself.

Randy is a radio/Opie and Anthony Fan.

Randy is a convicted felon.

They use technology to insert images, voices, thoughts and feelings in me.

I’ve been reporting Randy to the FBI for more for over 10 years but he has been stalking me for 20 years.

Randy tries to turn thing around and act like he’s the victim, while regurgitating the same disgusting lies and slander.

This is narcissistic abuse.

Randy has malignant envy

Randy is a sadistic abuser.

There is nonstop brainwashing going on.

They just say the same shit over and over.

Same skits.

Randy tried to get his son Cole to claim that I molested him 3 years ago. Everyone around agreed that that is child abuse. He was 14 or 15 at the time?

Compulsive lying.

Do not believe anything he says.

Randy always wanted to start a cult, which he has now essentially.

It is either the complete opposite or pertains to him.

He has been doing this for 20yrs, since I was 15 and he was 20.

He wanted to prostitute me when I was passable.

They can insert artificial images, thoughts, voices and feelings.

Most people see through his lies.

He is a psychotic brainwasher.

Police should monitor/investigate him.

Randy dated an underage girl then claimed it was me.

Randy has told me about conspiracy websites and has mentioned conspiracy websites many times in the past.

Randy “studied” people and figured out what they love about me and what they hate about him and tried to literally “swap” our lives and histories.

Randy hates himself so much that he literally wants to brainwash people into believing that he is me and I am him. This is CREEPY!!!

Randy used the keywords “pizza” and “hotdog” on me back in 2008-2014 and would hypnotize me using some sort of energy weapons and ask me if I wanted to become a “pizza” or a “hotdog” and would say “milk”, “honey”, “cream”, “sugar”.

There is a looooot more, but these are just some of the facts about us.

My abusers put voices in my head and pretend to be me and manipulate my mind and body, while having others “tune in”, in order to brainwash

I get “V2K” and physical torture using energy (emf?) weapons. My main stalker puts voices into the heads of me and everyone around me. He pretends to be me and manipulates and brainwashes everyone around me. He moves my eyes and hits certain parts of my body and brain to cause specific reactions and uses that as part of his brainwashing. He wants to brainwash people into believing that I am the opposite of who I am.

Whenever I feel certain emotions like joy or sadness, my main stalker/perpetrator will use energy weapons on my prefrontal cortex to suppress my emotions. They also insert weird and creepy thoughts, voices, images and feelings into my head and has other people tune in, in order to brainwash them against me and claim that the thoughts or images originate from me. They can artificially induce fear by causing like a lump in my throat, hitting part of my brain, and speeding up my heart rate and creating certain physical feelings. They can also heat up parts of my body and make me sweat. They cause migraines, nausea, vomiting, dry heaving, physical pain and whatever else they feel like.

He usually has a group of people that are constantly manipulating my mind and body, while attempting to brainwash people that are “tuned in” to me. They say things and pretend to be me. With every verbal thought that I have, they change my inner voice in order to brainwash others and make them think that I have weird accents or sound weird. They are trying to portray me as the exact opposite of who I am.

I know who my perpetrators are, however, law enforcement is protecting them and not taking any of it seriously. Their ultimate goal is to murder me, after slandering me.

There is only one Bree – me, Bree Peterson AKA Bree Brytus (born Brian Brytus). My stalker desperately wants to be me (creepy!!!)

Like I’ve mentioned before, my stalker is now trying to convince people that he is Bree and that I am him. Again, I won’t even mention any full names, just in case it violates any terms of service. I’ve owned the domain name, which I bought from someone on Namepros, since early 2017. He (my main stalker/abuser), has never owned the domain name because he has never been into domain names in his life. He is a compulsive liar and has what I have coined “delusional identity disorder” – he desperately wants to be me. He has even talked about wanting to get leg-shortening surgery to look like me. I am 5’2 and a half and he is 5’10. He is creepy as fuck and needs to be institutionalized ASAP. He is scaring me with his creepy brainwashing, lies and slander. He needs to live his own life and go back to Nashville or Connecticut, with his wife. Again, why do people even listen to his bullshit? Why can’t people see through his lies right away? He gets more outrageous and creepy with his lies, slander and plans as time goes on. SMH 🤦‍♀️. He desperately wants to be me and it’s really creepy!!! People need to stop listening to his bullshit and finally listen to what I have been saying and writing for years.

My stalker is wasting his time slandering me and it will most likely backfire

I found this quote on the wikipedia page about “Smear Campaigns”:
Smears are also effective in diverting attention away from the matter in question and onto a specific individual or group. The target of the smear typically must focus on correcting the false information rather than on the original issue.

This is what my stalkers are doing to me. They are creating a smear campaign against me in order to divert attention away from the serious crimes and abuse that they have committed and continue to commit against me.

More specifically, my main stalker’s main agenda is to infiltrate my family, including my Dad, who I used to live with up until just recently. By creating a massive smear campaign against me, he is hoping that it will deflect away from all of his crimes and his underlying motive – to infiltrate my Dad’s life and try to become part of his family (or close friend of the family), so that he can try to have part of my Dad’s inheritance and live on the property or come over to visit, or be a friend of the family. He’s told me what his plans are.

Unfortunately for him, my Dad still loves me and always will, despite what happened recently. My Dad still loves me despite of what happened and he will never stop loving me. I’m his daughter. He also has a good bullshit detector and has been warned of my stalker by me, and knows to never to have any interaction with my stalker.

My stalker wants to change his name and try to infiltrate his life, but my stalker is a felon and can’t even legally change his name to something else. My Dad knows me and knows not to believe any bullshit that is said about me. Up until just recently, my Dad and I have spent the past 6 years together with each other, every day, doing everything together. We were best friends. I was the closest one to him in his life. He knows me extremely well and has been warned not to believe any slander about me that he hears. He’s never even met my stalker and doesn’t even know what he looks like. My stalker is either delusional or actually believes that he can strong-arm or brainwash his way into my Dad’s life and inheritance. It’s not going to happen. People going along with his plot, including family members, must think my Dad is dumb and don’t know him well enough. He’s smart enough to realize a con artist when he sees one and he doesn’t want to be strong-armed or controlled into doing anything. They’re wasting their time.

Malignant narcissism and how it relates to my stalker

“Malignant narcissism” is a psychological condition that my stalkers have.
Here is a link to the Wikipedia page on malignant narcissism.

Here is a link to an article about malignant narcissists: 12 Signs You’re Dealing With A Malignant Narcissist.

The above article pretty much describes my stalker to a T. He is sadistic and gains pleasure in torturing me and trying to make me suffer. Instead of looking for a job or doing something productive, he spends his entire life, virtually nonstop, trying to humiliate me by slandering me and recruiting others to participate in the abuse and slander of me.

He is a pathological and compulsive liar and will not only slander me, but creates new lies daily and on-the-spot. This is part of his “proactive manipulation”. He puts voices into mine and other people’s heads and uses this advanced technology he has (BCI, microwave weapons?, energy weapons, EMF weapons?) to brainwash others into believing whatever he wants people to believe about me.

In the above article that I linked, it mentions that “These acts of manipulation are calculated, planned, honed over years of use until they reach their peak of effectiveness. This is one of the key dangers of malignant narcissism – the free will of the victim is diminished and they grow ever more helpless to remove themselves from the situation.”

He has practiced and honed his brainwashing, slander and manipulation tactics over years, and he has reached his “peak of effectiveness”.

He has Antisocial tendencies, which includes being a pathological liar, thief, and is prone to volatile moods, aggression and hostility. When I am in the middle of countering his slander, lies and brainwashing and he feels that his brainwashing isn’t being effective enough or people are starting to see the truth, he resorts to using the energy weapons to “remotely” physically assault and torture me. He knows how to cause certain reactions and pain by targeting specific parts of the brain.

For instance, he loves to use energy weapons on my forehead/prefrontal cortex, because there is “an integral link between a person’s will to live, personality, and the functions of the prefrontal cortex”. He knows that hitting this area of my brain is one of the most severe forms of torture and deprives me of being able to live freely as a free human being and hinders me ability to be able to think creatively and enjoy my life and mind. He uses this technology to sadistically suppress certain emotions in me. For example, if I start to cry about something, he will immediately try to prevent this by using his energy weapons on my prefrontal cortex. This is one of the most sickest, most disgusting forms of torture that a human being can be subjected to. I know from this from personal experience in dealing with his sadistic abuse and torture. Unfortunately, I have nothing to block, shield or prevent this from happening (I have no idea what this technology looks looks like or how it works, but I’m almost certain that they use drones to carry out these attacks), so I have become an unwilling victim of his torture, for years.

Here is another article dealing with malignant narcissism; specifically, how to overcome a narcissist’s malignant projection and pathological envy: 5 Powerful Ways to Overcome the Narcissist’s Malignant Projections and Pathological Envy

The first thing it mentions is to “1. Collect evidence which says otherwise and, use this habitually as a reminder of the facts.” This is pretty much what I have been doing. Most of what he says about me are malignant projections and one of the ways that I’ve been countering his slander and brainwashing is by tweeting and blogging facts and evidence that back up the truth. He is a registered republican in Connecticut. He has no business being in California. He only came out here to stalk, slander, and harass me, and to try to steal everything away from me, including attempting to infiltrate my family (which primarily consists of my Dad who I lived with up until recently) and try to brainwash them against me, while also trying to become part of their lives and family. At a certain point, he even tried to claim that he was Bree Peterson / Bree Brytus and that I was him. That’s how much he hates himself and his life and situation – to the point where he wants to literally become me, and steal my life situation and claim that he is me. It is extremely creepy and he has what I coined “Delusional Identity Disorder” – He literally thinks that he is me, Bree (birth name Brian Brytus), and wants to literally try to become me. It is so creepy and disturbing to think about. Anyway, along with being a registered republican, he has made anti-California and anti-liberal tweets in the past (although he has probably since deleted them). See previous posts. He tries to show people “evidence”, ie: conversations/text, that is either faked or he impersonated me. He has been doing this to me day in and day out for many years and has pretty much devoted his entire life to targeting me, primarily out of malignant envy and malignant narcissism.

The second thing that the article mentions is to:

  1. Remember the feedback from empathic people you’ve received as well.
    When we’ve been in a toxic, damaging relationship like this, it is always advised to remember that there are empathic people out there who have supported you and told you the truth about yourself, rather than abused you and tried to hurt you with falsehoods. These are healthy, empathic, grounded human beings who praised you, loved you, comforted you, and reminded you of what you are truly worthy of and deserve. They are far more accurate in their assessments of you because they themselves come from a place of security, self-esteem, and sanity.

Throughout the torture, targeting, abuse, harassment, slander and use of “V2K”/energy weapons on me, I’ve come to realize that there are good people out there that 99% of people that he “recruits” to participate in his bullshit have eventually seen through his brainwashing, lies, manipulation and slander. The only people that continue to participate in it are either sadistic psychopaths, jealous/envious, brainwashed/gullible, were promised something (which he will never fulfill because he has nothing besides the technology and a group of people that remain foolishly loyal to him, even if it is to their detriment) or are too afraid to speak up (in fear of being targeted by him or of being seen as outsider of “the group”). One particular friend of his continues to go along with it because he lives with my stalker and my stalker has helped him in the past when he was in a difficult situation. He feels like he owes an allegiance to him, at all costs.

Anyway, I felt like that part of the article – about remembering the feedback received from empathic people – resonated with me, because throughout this journey of being targeted by him and his cohorts/flying monkeys, there have been really empathic and compassionate people that have given me comfort through their words or various ways in which they’ve stood up for me, not gone along with my stalker’s evil agenda, and tried to stop it from happening. Those people have nothing to gain, aren’t promised things in return for abusing me, aren’t brainwashed, come from an open mind, are secure in who they are and their position in life, and can not only see the truth of the situation, but have the courage to stand up to him and go against his wishes and the wishes of his group, even if it means getting backlash from the group and being singled out. These people have not only given me comfort but have given me hope that one day he will be stopped and that truth, goodness, compassion, empathy, humanity and Love will prevail.

Many people in the group have had my back, only to (sometimes hours later) side with him again, either because they’re brainwashed again or they see him as being more powerful and think that he will be successful in carrying out his plans.

His plan is to literally try to infiltrate my Dad’s life, and to become part of his family, while slandering me and brainwashing others against me.

He has told me that his ultimate goal is to have control over my family and take everything he can. Anyone who goes along with this is delusional or brainwashed. He is still married to his wife and has 2 children and that’s where his loyalty remains. Anyone in my Dad’s family that goes along with it is being swindled, hook, link and sinker, by a professional con artist.

My Dad – despite our recent hardship and change in our relationship and me not living there anymore – will never stop loving me. I will always be his daughter, even despite of recent events that impacted our relationship, and he still loves me and always will. Unless he is strong-armed and tortured by my stalker using his energy weapons into making him part of his family, he will never have a relationship with him. He knows enough – from what I have told him about my stalker and his abuse of me – not to bring him into his life. That would be the biggest mistake of his life. My stalker is the most toxic individual I have ever encountered and the stuff that he does to me is unheard of. It is the sickest, most disgusting form of abuse and acts as a demonstration of how diseased his mind is. The creepy, weird, psychologically twisted slander and stories that he comes up with are the most disgusting, perverted, evil things that I have ever heard of in my life (no one should even be subjected to hearing the creepy, perverted slander that he comes up with) and it is mind boggling how some people not only listen to it and tolerate it, but actually believe that there is any truth in it.

I guess my main point is that if you are ever told anything about me, and told to participate in the abuse and slander of me, you should not only not go along with it, but stick up for me and try to stop it from happening, and ideally, help bring me the justice that I deserve. My stalker/abuser needs to be arrested.

Randy Forcellina AKA Island’s anti-California, anti-Liberal, pro-Trump tweets

Disclaimer: This screenshot/post is not meant to be disparaging in any way. I am just posting random screenshots that I took while browsing twitter – Information that is/was readily available online. This is my personal blog and I’m just sharing random stuff/pictures/screenshots that I have on my computer. In some of my posts on this blog, I am basically just posting random shit I find and stumble upon heh.

While I was in California transitioning and getting ready for my gender reassignment surgery, Randy Forcellina AKA Island was on twitter was making anti-California and anti-liberal tweets. See screenshot below:

Island's anti-California tweet
Island's pro-Trump tweet

Randy Forcellina AKA Island is a registered republican

Disclaimer: This screenshot/post is not meant to be disparaging in any way. I am just posting a random screenshot that I took while browsing voter records on – Information that is readily available online. This is my personal blog and I’m just sharing random stuff/pictures/screenshots that I have on my computer. I’m basically just posting random shit I find and stumble upon and am not doing anything other than what that website ( does, which is regurgitate public information that is easily accessible. Link: Randall Forcellina on voter

Police need to finally investigate my stalker

End of discussion. The stalking has been going on for way too long. When will the FBI or police just look at his geolocation data and charge him with stalking, slander, harassment hate crimes, and conspiracy to commit murder. This needs to be saved in case I end up dead / murdered. The threats are increasing.

Name legally changed from Brian Brytus to Bree Peterson

My transphobic stalker keeps telling people that I’m really a man and to dead name me and call me by the wrong pronouns and to call me Brian Brytus instead of Bree Peterson. I had gender reassignment surgery (bottom surgery) on 8/8/18 (the happiest day of my life 😁) and recently my name and gender were legally changed with the county and with Social Security and DMV.

Name change from Brian Brytus to Bree Peterson

Scared for my life…

My Dad, who I live with, is going away for work for 4 nights at the end of the month. My stalker has threatened to murder me while he is away. He said that he is going to cut the Starlink satellite internet cable that runs along the outside of the house before breaking in and murdering me. I live in a very rural area where there is no cellphone (or internet) service at all, and I rely solely on satellite internet. If my stalker cuts the Starlink cable, I will have no way to dial 9-1-1. This is very scary! I was considering getting a hotel room for those nights, but I’m not sure if it will be any safer. If I end up missing/dead, my stalker needs to be investigated.

Might be getting guard / security dogs!

My Dad is letting me get 2 security dogs (German Shepherds) to protect me from my stalker. 🐕 🐕
I am still deciding whether or not to go this route, because I’m not sure how well they would interact with my cats.

Just got a security system from Costco

I just got a SimpliSafe security system from Costco. My stalker has threatened to murder me toward the end of the month, while my Dad is gone for 4 days. If I see my stalker near my property, I’m hitting the panic button and calling 9-1-1 💪

Temporary restraining order against my main stalker

On May 5th, I was granted a temporary restraining order against my stalker. My hearing is set for May 30th. It’s listed as Brytus v. Forcellina. Wish me luck!

Update: Unfortunately, I could not attend the hearing, because my Dad was out of town and I couldn’t make it. Plus, I was too nervous and scared to attend.

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