Moving into my new home on Thursday!!!

My Dad is fulfilling his promise of purchasing a home for me 😀🐥 The closing date is Thursday, the 14th.

It’s in Lower Lake (Lake County), not Sonoma County. Still, I’m very happy and feel good about it. My stalker will most likely try to contact neighbors and people around me and try to slander me. I hope not, but that’s what he’s done everywhere else that I’ve been. Hopefully no one believes his bullshit. Preferably, they should do everything in their power to have Randall Forcellina imprisoned for what he does (stalking, abuse, slander, hate crimes and more). If you are ever (falsely) promised stuff in exchange for going along with the stalking and abuse of me, just know that he has nothing to offer and it is all lies. He is desperate.


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