Just a random update!

Hello. I just figured I would do a random update, since I haven’t posted an update since I moved into my new home in Lower Lake.

So, my Dad has been his normal self lately and been sweet to me. He visits me 2-3 times a week here, brings me food and makes sure I’m okay and hangs out with me and the cats. He’s back to his old self. He loves me and doesn’t want anything to happen to me.

Unfortunately, some of the neighbors have been contacted by my stalker and given technology to monitor and harass me. Some of them are cool and nice, but one of them believes Randy’s lies and goes along with the abuse and torture.

Randy Forcellina tells them whatever crazy lies he needs to, in order to brainwash them into going along with whatever he tells them to do and say to me. They do whatever he tells them to do. Like I said, though, some of them can see through his lies and bullshit and don’t go along with it and are nice to me.

Yesterday, I was recording my audio journal and I overheard 2 of my neighbors outside talking outside. I paused for about a minute and amplified the recording. I heard one of them yell in my direction “you need to talk to people!” and the other neighbor said “who?”. Then I said something like “my neighbor is creepy and obsessed with me” and one of the neighbors said something like “damn right, it’s abuse, get it out”.

My stalker tells people that he has a relationship with my Dad (which he doesn’t. He’s never even met my Dad) and that after I’m dead, they can infiltrate his life and convince him to give them money and be part of his life. Unfortunately, one of my neighbors actually believes his lies. Luckily, most of them can see through his lies.

Also, I have my cats back!!! Starshine and Sydney are doing well. They are so happy to be back with me. 😀


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