Recent death threats made by Randall Forcellina – he is going to murder me this week.

For many years, I have had a stalker named Randall Forcellina that became deranged and obsessed with me. He would slander me to everyone around me and try to brainwash them against me, sometimes with success. I just got word from multiple anonymous people, some with ties to law enforcement and intelligence agencies, some with ties to Randall Forcellina, that Randall Forcellina aka “Island” (along with his friends Matthew Kreuter, Tim Johnson and others), came out to California again and successfully brainwashed some neighbors and people around me into participating in the murder of me. He falsely promised them large sums of money in return for participating in the abuse and murder of me. Randall Forcellina brainwashed neighbors all around me (I live at 5935 Sunrise Ct, Lower Lake CA 95457) into participating in the abuse and murder of me. I am requesting law enforcement agencies to take this information seriously and do a thorough investigation into the matter and bring Randall Forcellina and others to justice. Randall Forcellina is a dangerous, transphobic, bigoted stalker and abuser that has stalked, abused, and slandered me for many years. He needs to be imprisoned immediately.

Randall Forcellina and others will murder me and try to make it look like a drug overdose. I do not take any illegal drugs. I am prescribed and take Estradiol (female hormones that I have been on for many years), and Adderall. Once again, for the record, I do not take any illegal drugs. Randall Forcellina has threatened to murder me and make it look like it was an opiate overdose. He threatened to do the same thing about a year ago, at which point I called Sonoma County Sheriff department, told them of his threats against my life and plans, and filed a report and requested an investigation into him.

Various agencies, including local police departments, Sheriff departments, the FBI, certain people at the NSA (via public email addresses and contact forms), attorney generals, DA’s, and whoever else I’ve been able to contact over the years, know about the situation and have been contacted by me before, in an effort to protect myself from the threats against my life.

I live alone, however my Dad, Brian T. Peterson (who still lives at 5775 Gates Road, Santa Rosa CA, where I used to live with him), regularly visits me at least 3 days a week. My Dad left for a business trip, in London, and is unable to visit me for a week, until Thursday, June 20th, however I have been in continuous contact with him about the situation. My Dad rarely goes on business trips. This was/is a perfect opportunity for my stalker/abuser/murderer to break in to my home and murder me, while my Dad is temporarily unable to be here to protect me.

I personally do not have enough proof to provide, if contacted by law enforcement officers, however, I would like law enforcement agencies to take this seriously and to investigate Randall Forcellina. Any time that I have contacted law enforcement agencies, they have tried to label me as mentally ill, due to the fact that I have, in the past, mentioned the use of “remote directed energy weapons” in the abuse and torture of me, by Randall Forcellina. I will not open my door for any law enforcement officers, ever, unless presented with a warrant, because I do not trust that they won’t try to label me as mentally ill. They need to investigate my stalker, Randall Forcellina, (who continues to stalk, harass, abuse and threaten to murder me) and bring him to justice. All that I am requesting is that law enforcement officials to be aware of my situation and to investigate Randall Forcellina and bring him to justice. My life is in danger, more than ever before, and I am doing whatever possible to protect my life.


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