My Dad was over today, a Lake County Sheriff deputy called me…

My Dad was over for a good portion of the day and we just hung out.

Also, a Lake County Sheriff deputy called me at around 3:30PM, after my Dad had left, and said something like they were concerned about me and wanted to know if I could speak to a deputy that would come out to my house. The way it was phrased, “concerned about you”, made me question what this call was really about. The deputy didn’t say he felt this was a serious threat against my life and that they would investigate, or that he agreed that my life was in danger; the words “concerned about your safety”, which I believe was the exact phrase used, seemed extremely odd and unsettling.

I have been through this for many years and have dealt with several different police departments and Sheriff departments over the years and can tell, when talking to them, if are going to take my information seriously or not. The deputy also said that I needed to speak to a deputy in order for them to open an investigation, which is a ridiculous lie and not something that I feel comfortable doing. In the past, some officers have tried to label me as mentally for no reason other than me being vocal about threats made against my life. If they wanted to, they could just ask me questions over the phone and open the investigation. Or not even ask me questions. The information that I provided is enough to substantiate an investigation. This makes me, unfortunately, have very little confidence in the Lake County Sheriff Department. I had high hopes when I first moved here that – if I never needed to contact them – the Lake County Sheriff department would be competent enough and work hard to fight for my justice and to investigate my stalkers/abusers. Using the phrase “concerned about your safety” and requesting that I speak to a deputy that they send out to my house is not exactly the best way to treat someone who has just had their life threatened. It’s a way to essentially scare me into thinking that they’re going to label me as crazy and try to get me involuntarily committed, or worse. This is not an appropriate nor professional response from a deputy that hears about a situation like mine. I don’t appreciate being intimidated and scared into silence and I will not allow myself to be threatened without being vocal about it and documenting it.

Never the less, my 2 police reports that I submitted online will be filed, and if the Lake County Sheriff department decides someday to take death threats seriously and to open an investigation into those that make death threats, or if the FBI or any other agency decides to look into this matter, I have police reports documenting the recent and recurring threats made against my life. Lake County Sheriff department needs to take death threats seriously instead of trying to send someone out to talk to me because they’re “concerned about my safety”. They should be concerned about investigating Randall Forcellina, a dangerous criminal who openly threatens me and others with no repercussions, and focus on getting a warrant for his cellphone records and geolocation data so that they can collect the evidence that is needed to arrest him. They need to focus less on me and more on Randall Forcellina, a dangerous criminal that the Lake County Sheriff department insists on protecting.


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