About Bree Peterson

Post-op transgender woman in Santa Rosa, CA. Victim of stalking, slander, hate crimes, abuse and conspiracy to commit murder by Randy Forcellina AKA “Island” and others that have slandered me and brainwashed people into participating in the abuse and murder of me.

My name is Bree. I was formerly known as Brian Brytus (birth name), but my current legal name is Bree Peterson. I’m a post-op transgender woman in Santa Rosa, California.

Randall Forcellina AKA Island recruits people to go along with his plans by brainwashing them and falsely promising them things in return, such as money or homes. He and others use directed energy weapons to put voices into people’s heads and feed them the most outrageous lies and slander about me, including telling them that I am a pedophile and other stuff. I am actually a virgin. They created fake conversations in my name and brainwash people until they finally go along with their plans. They have slandered me to the entire community and told them to harass, abuse and commit hate crimes against me. They have contacted everyone they could find in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County and beyond and spread their slander to anyone that would listen. They send people down a “brainwashing rabbithole” by telling them the most ridiculous things and mind controlling them into believing their lies.

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a sweet innocent woman. I had a very simple life with my Dad and 2 cats, Starshine and Sydney.

My Dad is not my biological father, but he took me in 7+ years ago and became my Dad. He adopted me, although not legally. We first met in 2017 on Craigslist, after I posted an ad stating that I was a transgender woman looking for a room to rent. I had no family, friends or support at the time. I moved to the Bay Area in late 2016 because I like this area much better than the east coast and I needed to escape all of the transphobism, bullying, stalking and abuse by some of the people that I mentioned earlier, especially Randy Forcellina. For over 2 and a half years, my stalkers didn’t have my location. I had gender reassignment surgery on 8/8/18 – the happiest day of my life 😀. I moved in with my Dad on August 1, 2017 after getting to know him for a few months and visiting. From the start, he knew that I had no family and needed a Dad and from the beginning of our relationship, he became my Dad. We spent all day, every day together, having fun, going places together, and getting to know each other. We were inseparable and even slept in the same bed every night, after he would tuck me in and kiss me. He is the best Dad in the world.

In mid-2019, Randy Forcellina found my location again. They didn’t know my location for over two and a half years. I cherished every day that I was free from their abuse. Randy and his friends would convince my neighbors to let them stay at their house, in exchange for access to their mind control technology (directed energy weapons), so that they could torture and harass me. They knew that my Dad was somewhat wealthy and from the beginning, their plan was to murder me and infiltrate my Dad’s life. My Dad is wealthy, but not as wealthy as Randy and their group tells people. My Dad has around $6M and a property in Santa Rosa worth around $1.8M.

Randy and his group of friends would periodically come out here and try to mind control my Dad and the rest of my family into going along with their plans to murder me.

My Dad has never even met anyone in Randy’s group; however, Randy Forcellina tells people that he is a part of his life and falsely promises them things in return for going along with the abuse and torture of me.

My Dad loves me so much, more than anything, and doesn’t want anything to happen to me.

I can go on and on because our history and current situation is so complex and detailed, however I will end it here. I’ll post more details in blog posts.

Thanks for reading.

Love, Bree 🏳️‍🌈 ❤️

My cats, Starshine and Sydney

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