Why do people “side” with Randy aka Island, the 42-year old right-wing republican man over me, the liberal transgender girl?

To all of you going along with Randy’s bullshit lies, slander and abuse of me: You guys chose the side of Randy (a 42-year old republican man that has made anti-California and anti-liberal tweets) instead of believing me (a liberal transgender woman with the best Dad in the world)?

All I’ve done is tell the truth about Randy and his flying monkeys. At least I’m a good person and don’t abuse people. Randy comes up with the creepiest, most perverted slander ever created. He comes up with the most psychologically twisted, perverted sexual slander and corrupts everyone around him. It’s disgusting.

Why would anyone want to be associated with him? The only reason is because he has mind-reading and mind control technology.

He has no relationship with my Dad (Brian) and never will. He tells people that he does. He is delusional. For 6 years, up until just recently, I spent literally every day, all day with my Dad. We did everything together. We were basically like soulmates, despite me being his daughter that he took in 6 years ago. We’ve never been “romantic”; he’s always been my Dad, first and foremost. My Dad doesn’t even know what Randy looks like.

Also, Randy literally stole everything about me and my personality and history that people liked and attributed all of his bullshit to me.

Randy is nothing more than a con artist.

My Dad will never go along with what Randy wants. He hates Randy based on what I’ve told him. Any family members of his that go along with Randy’s plot must think my Dad is dumb and don’t know him well enough. He doesn’t like being controlled and he doesn’t want anyone else living with him, not in the house and not on the property.


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