Threatened on reddit, staying at motel in Rohnert Park and more updates

Someone recently threatened me on on my other reddit account. Click here to see the reddit comment thread. The original comment was deleted and also the post where they threatened me was removed by reddit. They said “see what happens this week” and again dead named me. Most likely, it is someone that has been lied to by Tim Johnson or Randy, and brainwashed into believing lies and slander about me.

I would go to police about the recent threat made against me, but they don’t seem to want to do anything about what’s been going on. They are protecting the criminals. Them, along with the FBI, have never taken this case seriously. This is why another law enforcement agency needs to get involved.

Almost all of the people in their “group” have decided not to go along with their plans to abuse and murder me, but there are still a handful of people in the group that are continuing to go along with it. Randy, Tim and a few others continue to contact new people and spread lies and slander about me and recruit new people to participate in the abuse and murder of me (using directed energy weapons). Still, I feel good and optimistic about my situation moving forward because things are a lot better than they were and seem to be getting better.

I am staying at a motel in Rohnert Park temporarily, until my Dad buys me a forever home for me and my cats. I feel mostly safe here. I’m lonely, though, and miss living with my Dad and cats, Starshine and Sydney. Hopefully, within a month, I’ll be in my home and feel more comfortable/safe. I miss my cats dearly.

That’s pretty much all that’s been going on the past week. I’ve just been hanging out in my motel room, waiting for my Dad to buy me my forever home so I can see my cats, Starshine and Sydney, again.

Screenshots from reddit:


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