This is the truth about my stalker/abuser and I…

Most of the slander that my main abuser/stalker, Randy aka Island, makes up are projections. It’s sad that I actually have to type this out and post it online, but my narcissistic abuser has created the most outrageous slander and so here’s the truth:

I am a woman, not a man.

I’ve never had any facial hair (my abuser had a goatee 3yrs ago).

I never had a real job due to having Schizoaffective disorder, autism, social anxiety, CPTSD and being disabled.

Randy aka Island creates the creepiest, most disgusting, most perverted slander ever created and corrupts people.

Randy’s smear campaign is rooted in jealousy/envy. He desperately wants to be me. It’s creepy. I coined the term “delusional identity disorder”. He thinks that he is me, Bree.

I’ve never owned a company.

I knew my stalker in person because I rented the top floor of his office. I paid him around $13,000 that year.

My stalker/abuser has never given me anything or any money.

I’ve never had access to the energy weapons that they use on me.

I’m a virgin. I never used my penis for anything sexual, when I had one. I never received a blowjob or had any type of intercourse sex. I’ve only given a few blowjobs. That’s the extent of my sexual history.

Ever since I was 15yrs old, my goal was to save enough money to get gender reassignment surgery.

In 2014, after researching gender reassignment surgeries, my main stalker’s voice came back in my head and he was saying transphobic stuff to me and calling me derogatory terms.

I’ve never met, let alone had sex with anyone named Cheyenne or Corinne. If you 2 are real people, then we need to try to sue Randy for slander.

Randy is a republican trump supporter.

Randy is a con artist.

Randy makes shit up daily.

Randy was a Freemason.

Randy comes up with creepy, twisted, psychological brainwashing keywords/phrases and has people repeat them over and over to me.

Do not believe anything he says.

He has already discredited himself.

Randy is a radio/Opie and Anthony Fan.

Randy is a convicted felon.

They use technology to insert images, voices, thoughts and feelings in me.

I’ve been reporting Randy to the FBI for more for over 10 years but he has been stalking me for 20 years.

Randy tries to turn thing around and act like he’s the victim, while regurgitating the same disgusting lies and slander.

This is narcissistic abuse.

Randy has malignant envy

Randy is a sadistic abuser.

There is nonstop brainwashing going on.

They just say the same shit over and over.

Same skits.

Randy tried to get his son Cole to claim that I molested him 3 years ago. Everyone around agreed that that is child abuse. He was 14 or 15 at the time?

Compulsive lying.

Do not believe anything he says.

Randy always wanted to start a cult, which he has now essentially.

It is either the complete opposite or pertains to him.

He has been doing this for 20yrs, since I was 15 and he was 20.

He wanted to prostitute me when I was passable.

They can insert artificial images, thoughts, voices and feelings.

Most people see through his lies.

He is a psychotic brainwasher.

Police should monitor/investigate him.

Randy dated an underage girl then claimed it was me.

Randy has told me about conspiracy websites and has mentioned conspiracy websites many times in the past.

Randy “studied” people and figured out what they love about me and what they hate about him and tried to literally “swap” our lives and histories.

Randy hates himself so much that he literally wants to brainwash people into believing that he is me and I am him. This is CREEPY!!!

Randy used the keywords “pizza” and “hotdog” on me back in 2008-2014 and would hypnotize me using some sort of energy weapons and ask me if I wanted to become a “pizza” or a “hotdog” and would say “milk”, “honey”, “cream”, “sugar”.

There is a looooot more, but these are just some of the facts about us.


© Bree Peterson. All Rights Reserved.