Randy aka Island, my narcissistic abuser, has what I’ve coined “delusional identity disorder” – he literally wants to be me

I think one reason why my abuser, Randy aka Island, constantly attacks my gender is because he is secretly jealous that I’m a woman and that he is a 42-year old straight male with a wife and 2 children. He is loyal to his wife and I’ve heard that his wife is supportive of what he is doing (trying to defraud my family/Dad out of money and steal whatever is mine and to get to stay on my Dad’s property) because it means that their family will ultimately benefit. Randy/Island has never expressed interest in transitioning or claimed to be a woman up until a little less than a month ago. Now he literally wants to be me. He’s even talked about wanting to get leg-shortening surgery to be as short as me and dying his black hair brown. He wants to infiltrate my Dad (Brian)’s life and claim that he’s a better version of me or something. He is delusional. Up until just recently, I’ve lived with my Dad for 6 years. We spent every day together, slept in the same bed most nights, he tucked me in every night, we did everything together, we were best friends and inseparable. Randy tells people that he has a secret relationship with him. This is false. Once again, he is a compulsive liar. Randy aka Island is a con artist.


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