Pathological envy and malignant narcissism (a bad combo that my stalker has!)

My main stalker/abuser, Randy “Island” Forcellina, has pathological envy and malignant narcissism. He engages in smear campaigns and slanders me to anyone that will listen. I’ve posted a lot about this many times before. He has even created fake conversations in my name. He now gives people a fake name when he meets them, so that they don’t find out who he really is. If you’re ever contacted by someone and told lies and slander about me, it’s Randy Forcellina or one of his flying monkeys that contacted you and is trying to brainwash you against me. Ignore him and don’t engage with him.

Anyway, I found this post on with two great replies.

A pathological envious malignant Narcissist will ALWAYS have the villain……this person will be painted black, and become enemy number one everybody must be against them. The villain does not necessarily have to have done anything.

Just be the next target, there will always be a “villain” at all costs, the extremity of warzone is unbelievable. The smear campaign is horrendous. 1 glitch from the “villain” is met with an onslaught of verbal abuse, violent accusations…..

Much like the normal behaviors of a Narcissist but blend pathological envy in with a person who is already suffering with insecurities and envy. You’ll get a person who MUST at all times survive with a victim, who in their mind is the villain, there will ALWAYS be a villain, a new one constantly. Unlike the partner NPD, the pathologically envious malignant Narcissist has a constant create villain daily, weekly, necessity anybody is a selection.

All narcissist are envious. Some act out in rage while smearing the person they are envious of behind their back. A malignant narcissist may engage in trying to destroy the person they are envious of. They will engage in lying, smearing, and sabotage.

Narcissists in general are envious of anyone who has more than they do. Anyone who makes more money, has a better job, is more educated, is better looking etc.

Let’s say you work with a narcissist and you are both up for a job promotion. You get the promotion. The narcissist reacts to his or her jealousy and envy by smearing you behind your back. He or she begins telling people at work you are not qualified for the position. The only reason you were promoted is you slept with the right people. The smear campaign may or may not end with diminishing your qualifications. The narcissist may go on to sabotage you at work doing anything it takes to make you look bad. This may continue making it impossible for you to work in this type of invironment.

Narcissists also engage in smear campaigns if you leave them. The narcissist will try to turn your own children against you. Some will go so far as to use the court system to abuse you.


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