My stalker is planning on murdering me soon. I am scared for my life. The authorities need to investigate him immediately and bring him to justice before it is too late.

Recently, I heard through an acquaintance of mine that my stalker, Randy Forcellina AKA “Island”, traveled from Nashville, Tennessee to Santa Rosa, California to murder me. He arrived here about a week ago. He did what he normally does, which is make up slander and lies about me and convince my neighbors to let him stay with them temporarily, so that he can be close to me and murder me. He also did what he normally does with neighbors where ever I live, which is falsely promise them a large amount of money to participate in the stalking, abuse and murder of me. Yesterday, at around 6:45am when I walked outside to my car to visit my Dad, I noticed someone walking behind me. They stood beside my car and I quickly locked my cars. He was wearing a hoodie and had the hood pulled over his head and I couldn’t make out his face. I looked at him for a few seconds and got scared. He kept standing there next to my car looking at me. I quickly locked the doors of my car. I fear for my life. I heard from the acquaintance of mine that they also contacted my roommate and told her the most outrageous lies about me and convinced her to participate in the murder of me for a large amount of money. Randy AKA Island has tried to do this at every place that I have lived, but ultimately every neighbor came to realize that Randy’s lies weren’t true and that he wasn’t planning on paying them to help facilitate in the murder of me. For many years, I have been sending in tips to the FBI and local police departments to alert them of Randy’s plans. This matter has never been investigated, unfortunately. Police need to finally investigate Randy and bring him and his group of co-conspirators to justice. I am documenting this once again, in hopes that if I end up dead, that this matter will be investigated and that Randy and this group of people will be brought to justice. -Bree


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