My stalker is wasting his time slandering me and it will most likely backfire

I found this quote on the wikipedia page about “Smear Campaigns”:
Smears are also effective in diverting attention away from the matter in question and onto a specific individual or group. The target of the smear typically must focus on correcting the false information rather than on the original issue.

This is what my stalkers are doing to me. They are creating a smear campaign against me in order to divert attention away from the serious crimes and abuse that they have committed and continue to commit against me.

More specifically, my main stalker’s main agenda is to infiltrate my family, including my Dad, who I used to live with up until just recently. By creating a massive smear campaign against me, he is hoping that it will deflect away from all of his crimes and his underlying motive – to infiltrate my Dad’s life and try to become part of his family (or close friend of the family), so that he can try to have part of my Dad’s inheritance and live on the property or come over to visit, or be a friend of the family. He’s told me what his plans are.

Unfortunately for him, my Dad still loves me and always will, despite what happened recently. My Dad still loves me despite of what happened and he will never stop loving me. I’m his daughter. He also has a good bullshit detector and has been warned of my stalker by me, and knows to never to have any interaction with my stalker.

My stalker wants to change his name and try to infiltrate his life, but my stalker is a felon and can’t even legally change his name to something else. My Dad knows me and knows not to believe any bullshit that is said about me. Up until just recently, my Dad and I have spent the past 6 years together with each other, every day, doing everything together. We were best friends. I was the closest one to him in his life. He knows me extremely well and has been warned not to believe any slander about me that he hears. He’s never even met my stalker and doesn’t even know what he looks like. My stalker is either delusional or actually believes that he can strong-arm or brainwash his way into my Dad’s life and inheritance. It’s not going to happen. People going along with his plot, including family members, must think my Dad is dumb and don’t know him well enough. He’s smart enough to realize a con artist when he sees one and he doesn’t want to be strong-armed or controlled into doing anything. They’re wasting their time.


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