My stalker is in a motel room near me… this is scary!

Randy aka Island is trying to claim that he is me and is even in a motel room next to me. This is creepy. I’m at the motel 6 south in Santa Rosa room 105. Randy is supposedly in a room next to me and has been torturing and abusing me, along with others. I’m safe for now. He wants to claim to be me, Bree, and wants to steal my identity after he murders me. My legal name is Bree Peterson. I have all of my ID’s on me. I was born as Brian Brytus. Randy is trying to claim that he is Bree Peterson and people actually believe him. He tells people to dead name me and to call me by the wrong pronouns. These are hate crimes. He wants to steal my identity, websites, social media, etc and infiltrate my Dad (Brian)’s, life.


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