My psychopathic stalkers and abusers are still in Santa Rosa – Police and authorities need to take my claims seriously before it is too late

My stalkers and abusers, Randy Forcellina AKA Island, Tim Johnson, Matt Kreuter and others are still spreading slander about me and showing everyone around the community (Santa Rosa, CA) fake conversations or conversations that they claim are from me. They come up with the most disgusting, perverted slander. They essentially have a mind control cult and are trying to brainwash my Dad (not my biological father but he took me in over 6.5 years ago) into abandoning me so that they can infiltrate his life and steal his money or get things from him. I hope my Dad doesn’t actually let them into his life. It would be the worst decision of his life.

Randy has been stalking me, abusing me, slandering me, and using directed energy weapons to torture and slowly murder me for almost 20 years.

I have Autism, PTSD and other mental health issues and they see me as an easy target to victimize and ultimately murder. They send people down a brainwashing rabbit hole and create the sickest, weirdest keywords/phrases and crazy, perverted stories about me.

For the record, I am a post-op transgender woman. I had gender reassignment surgery on 8/8/18, the happiest day of my life. I have a vagina. I do not have a penis or testicles. I do not produce testosterone. Also, I am a virgin and Asexual. They tell people that I’m a man and a pedophile, but it’s actually the opposite. My driver’s license says Bree Peterson (Female), my Social Security card says Bree Peterson and I’m registered as a female with the Social Security Administration. My passport ID still has my old name but it has been changed to Female. My birth certificate from NY has been changed to Bree Peterson, Female.

They live in NY and in Randy’s case, Nashville TN now. They come out here every once in a while to stalk, harass, slander and attempt to murder me, while brainwashing my family that I have been a part of for 6.5 years. They attempt to brainwash the entire community and city of Santa Rosa into believing the most outrageous, perverted slander about me.

Sonoma Sheriff, Santa Rosa Police, FBI etc. need to finally take my claims seriously and investigate them and bring them to justice, before it is too late. They are a danger to me and the community. They need to go back to where they came from and leave me alone.

I moved to California 7 years ago to escape their sick abuse, torture and attempts to murder me. They usually come out here for a few weeks at a time then leave for a while then come back. They convince neighbors and people around me to let them stay with them and give them access to the directed energy weapons in exchange for whatever they want.

Police and authorities still haven’t taken my claims seriously. Maybe if it was their daughter or child being murdered, instead of me, they would take these claims seriously. These sick, transphobic psychopaths are getting more and more aggressive with their efforts to slander, stalk, torture, abuse, and murder me. They just continue to brainwash more and more people with their technology.

Again, they are a danger to me and the community of Santa Rosa and beyond. They need to be, at the bare minimum, in prison for life. They are psychopaths who have what is called the “Dark Triad” personality in psychology terms. Some people speculate that psychopaths with these personality disorders are responsible for all of the suffering and destruction in the world.

Again, I am begging authorities to please take my claims seriously, investigate them, and quietly bring them to justice, for the protection of myself and the community.


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