My abusers put voices in my head and pretend to be me and manipulate my mind and body, while having others “tune in”, in order to brainwash

I get “V2K” and physical torture using energy (emf?) weapons. My main stalker puts voices into the heads of me and everyone around me. He pretends to be me and manipulates and brainwashes everyone around me. He moves my eyes and hits certain parts of my body and brain to cause specific reactions and uses that as part of his brainwashing. He wants to brainwash people into believing that I am the opposite of who I am.

Whenever I feel certain emotions like joy or sadness, my main stalker/perpetrator will use energy weapons on my prefrontal cortex to suppress my emotions. They also insert weird and creepy thoughts, voices, images and feelings into my head and has other people tune in, in order to brainwash them against me and claim that the thoughts or images originate from me. They can artificially induce fear by causing like a lump in my throat, hitting part of my brain, and speeding up my heart rate and creating certain physical feelings. They can also heat up parts of my body and make me sweat. They cause migraines, nausea, vomiting, dry heaving, physical pain and whatever else they feel like.

He usually has a group of people that are constantly manipulating my mind and body, while attempting to brainwash people that are “tuned in” to me. They say things and pretend to be me. With every verbal thought that I have, they change my inner voice in order to brainwash others and make them think that I have weird accents or sound weird. They are trying to portray me as the exact opposite of who I am.

I know who my perpetrators are, however, law enforcement is protecting them and not taking any of it seriously. Their ultimate goal is to murder me, after slandering me.


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