Malignant narcissism and how it relates to my stalker

“Malignant narcissism” is a psychological condition that my stalkers have.
Here is a link to the Wikipedia page on malignant narcissism.

Here is a link to an article about malignant narcissists: 12 Signs You’re Dealing With A Malignant Narcissist.

The above article pretty much describes my stalker to a T. He is sadistic and gains pleasure in torturing me and trying to make me suffer. Instead of looking for a job or doing something productive, he spends his entire life, virtually nonstop, trying to humiliate me by slandering me and recruiting others to participate in the abuse and slander of me.

He is a pathological and compulsive liar and will not only slander me, but creates new lies daily and on-the-spot. This is part of his “proactive manipulation”. He puts voices into mine and other people’s heads and uses this advanced technology he has (BCI, microwave weapons?, energy weapons, EMF weapons?) to brainwash others into believing whatever he wants people to believe about me.

In the above article that I linked, it mentions that “These acts of manipulation are calculated, planned, honed over years of use until they reach their peak of effectiveness. This is one of the key dangers of malignant narcissism – the free will of the victim is diminished and they grow ever more helpless to remove themselves from the situation.”

He has practiced and honed his brainwashing, slander and manipulation tactics over years, and he has reached his “peak of effectiveness”.

He has Antisocial tendencies, which includes being a pathological liar, thief, and is prone to volatile moods, aggression and hostility. When I am in the middle of countering his slander, lies and brainwashing and he feels that his brainwashing isn’t being effective enough or people are starting to see the truth, he resorts to using the energy weapons to “remotely” physically assault and torture me. He knows how to cause certain reactions and pain by targeting specific parts of the brain.

For instance, he loves to use energy weapons on my forehead/prefrontal cortex, because there is “an integral link between a person’s will to live, personality, and the functions of the prefrontal cortex”. He knows that hitting this area of my brain is one of the most severe forms of torture and deprives me of being able to live freely as a free human being and hinders me ability to be able to think creatively and enjoy my life and mind. He uses this technology to sadistically suppress certain emotions in me. For example, if I start to cry about something, he will immediately try to prevent this by using his energy weapons on my prefrontal cortex. This is one of the most sickest, most disgusting forms of torture that a human being can be subjected to. I know from this from personal experience in dealing with his sadistic abuse and torture. Unfortunately, I have nothing to block, shield or prevent this from happening (I have no idea what this technology looks looks like or how it works, but I’m almost certain that they use drones to carry out these attacks), so I have become an unwilling victim of his torture, for years.

Here is another article dealing with malignant narcissism; specifically, how to overcome a narcissist’s malignant projection and pathological envy: 5 Powerful Ways to Overcome the Narcissist’s Malignant Projections and Pathological Envy

The first thing it mentions is to “1. Collect evidence which says otherwise and, use this habitually as a reminder of the facts.” This is pretty much what I have been doing. Most of what he says about me are malignant projections and one of the ways that I’ve been countering his slander and brainwashing is by tweeting and blogging facts and evidence that back up the truth. He is a registered republican in Connecticut. He has no business being in California. He only came out here to stalk, slander, and harass me, and to try to steal everything away from me, including attempting to infiltrate my family (which primarily consists of my Dad who I lived with up until recently) and try to brainwash them against me, while also trying to become part of their lives and family. At a certain point, he even tried to claim that he was Bree Peterson / Bree Brytus and that I was him. That’s how much he hates himself and his life and situation – to the point where he wants to literally become me, and steal my life situation and claim that he is me. It is extremely creepy and he has what I coined “Delusional Identity Disorder” – He literally thinks that he is me, Bree (birth name Brian Brytus), and wants to literally try to become me. It is so creepy and disturbing to think about. Anyway, along with being a registered republican, he has made anti-California and anti-liberal tweets in the past (although he has probably since deleted them). See previous posts. He tries to show people “evidence”, ie: conversations/text, that is either faked or he impersonated me. He has been doing this to me day in and day out for many years and has pretty much devoted his entire life to targeting me, primarily out of malignant envy and malignant narcissism.

The second thing that the article mentions is to:

  1. Remember the feedback from empathic people you’ve received as well.
    When we’ve been in a toxic, damaging relationship like this, it is always advised to remember that there are empathic people out there who have supported you and told you the truth about yourself, rather than abused you and tried to hurt you with falsehoods. These are healthy, empathic, grounded human beings who praised you, loved you, comforted you, and reminded you of what you are truly worthy of and deserve. They are far more accurate in their assessments of you because they themselves come from a place of security, self-esteem, and sanity.

Throughout the torture, targeting, abuse, harassment, slander and use of “V2K”/energy weapons on me, I’ve come to realize that there are good people out there that 99% of people that he “recruits” to participate in his bullshit have eventually seen through his brainwashing, lies, manipulation and slander. The only people that continue to participate in it are either sadistic psychopaths, jealous/envious, brainwashed/gullible, were promised something (which he will never fulfill because he has nothing besides the technology and a group of people that remain foolishly loyal to him, even if it is to their detriment) or are too afraid to speak up (in fear of being targeted by him or of being seen as outsider of “the group”). One particular friend of his continues to go along with it because he lives with my stalker and my stalker has helped him in the past when he was in a difficult situation. He feels like he owes an allegiance to him, at all costs.

Anyway, I felt like that part of the article – about remembering the feedback received from empathic people – resonated with me, because throughout this journey of being targeted by him and his cohorts/flying monkeys, there have been really empathic and compassionate people that have given me comfort through their words or various ways in which they’ve stood up for me, not gone along with my stalker’s evil agenda, and tried to stop it from happening. Those people have nothing to gain, aren’t promised things in return for abusing me, aren’t brainwashed, come from an open mind, are secure in who they are and their position in life, and can not only see the truth of the situation, but have the courage to stand up to him and go against his wishes and the wishes of his group, even if it means getting backlash from the group and being singled out. These people have not only given me comfort but have given me hope that one day he will be stopped and that truth, goodness, compassion, empathy, humanity and Love will prevail.

Many people in the group have had my back, only to (sometimes hours later) side with him again, either because they’re brainwashed again or they see him as being more powerful and think that he will be successful in carrying out his plans.

His plan is to literally try to infiltrate my Dad’s life, and to become part of his family, while slandering me and brainwashing others against me.

He has told me that his ultimate goal is to have control over my family and take everything he can. Anyone who goes along with this is delusional or brainwashed. He is still married to his wife and has 2 children and that’s where his loyalty remains. Anyone in my Dad’s family that goes along with it is being swindled, hook, link and sinker, by a professional con artist.

My Dad – despite our recent hardship and change in our relationship and me not living there anymore – will never stop loving me. I will always be his daughter, even despite of recent events that impacted our relationship, and he still loves me and always will. Unless he is strong-armed and tortured by my stalker using his energy weapons into making him part of his family, he will never have a relationship with him. He knows enough – from what I have told him about my stalker and his abuse of me – not to bring him into his life. That would be the biggest mistake of his life. My stalker is the most toxic individual I have ever encountered and the stuff that he does to me is unheard of. It is the sickest, most disgusting form of abuse and acts as a demonstration of how diseased his mind is. The creepy, weird, psychologically twisted slander and stories that he comes up with are the most disgusting, perverted, evil things that I have ever heard of in my life (no one should even be subjected to hearing the creepy, perverted slander that he comes up with) and it is mind boggling how some people not only listen to it and tolerate it, but actually believe that there is any truth in it.

I guess my main point is that if you are ever told anything about me, and told to participate in the abuse and slander of me, you should not only not go along with it, but stick up for me and try to stop it from happening, and ideally, help bring me the justice that I deserve. My stalker/abuser needs to be arrested.


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