Some history of my stalking and abuse

Someone today asked me about the history of my stalking/abuse, and I’ve been meaning to write down a summary of everything that’s happened in my life, so here it is. Keep in mind that I’m leaving out lots of details and parts. I’ll revisit this and fill in more details as I think of them, but this is just part of my story, a basic rundown!

I’m currently in Santa Rosa, California. Before that, I lived in Brentwood, California. I’ve lived in California for over 6.5 years. I’m originally from Mahopac, NY. My stalking first started in 2008 by my main stalker, Randy Forcellina. i met him online when i was 15yrs old and he was 20.

Growing up, my biological father got custody of me and he had a live-in girlfriend named Jan, from when I was in 2nd grade until 9th grade, high school. She was/is a narcissistic abuser and abused me growing up, in every way. She would make up lies about me every day to my biological father, punish me, molested me for a year, was verbally abusive and sometimes physically violent. She did this because my biological father refused to marry her and she was resentful and took her anger out on me. My biological father eventually broke up with her and she moved out, and everything was fine up until weird things started happening several years later.

Around 2006-2007, looking back, I felt like I was being watched by my neighbors and subtly influenced to feel certain emotions. I believe that Jan somehow had access to these weapons and gave them to neighbors to torture me but they instead used it very subtly and didn’t abuse me. Also around the time, my mom started saying that Jan was brainwashing her and was jealous of her and people thought that she needed medication and had mental health issues. At the time, I didn’t really think much of it. I was still young, around 22-23 and relied on my mom for food (because my biological father who got custody of me as a child abandoned me when I was a senior in high school and moved away and I was on my own. I went to college for a year, then moved in with my mom, then my mom’s boss’s basement in 2007, when weird stuff started happening) and I was self-centered at the time and didn’t really pay much mind to it or think about what she was going through. I was in my own little world/bubble just trying to get through my own mental issues at the time. So my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2008 and passed away less than a year after being diagnosed.

After that, I moved to Boulder, Colorado (August, 2008) and that’s when I started being “gang stalked” by people around me – people making comments when passing by me, upstairs neighbors dropping things, and just strange things happening, always feeling like I’m being watched. In hindsight, they were trying to get me to move back east to NY. That’s when my main stalker/abuser, Randy, told me that he had a top floor of his office in Norwalk, CT that I coud rent for $950/month (that was probably a fair going rate at the time for the size/location). I was in Boulder from August 2008 until June 2009.

Sometime around the first week after moving in to the top floor of Randy’s office, I overheard Randy and his friend downstairs talking about how they could rob me. At this time, I had around $200k in inheritance that I got from my grandmother on my father’s side. I overheard them talking about how he wanted his friend to rob me as I was walking around at night, and steal my credit cards and money. I got scared and quickly called my brother and told him and he said I could stay with him, but only for a short period of time.

The day after moving into my brother’s house, someone (presumably Randy) had my cellphone turned off. My cellphone stopped working and when I called customer service, they said that someone had called in claiming to be me, and gave them my information, and requested the number be transferred somewhere else. After a while on the phone, I was finally able to get my number back. So anyway, I stayed with my brother for around a month and I felt like I was being subtly influenced or monitored by the neighbors here.

I bought a condo with the inheritance I had for $125k in Carmel, NY. Shortly after, the neighbors above me started acting weird and I felt like I was always being watched or something. Whenever I would move to a new spot in the condo (which was small, less than 800sq ft), I would hear their footsteps follow me. Shortly after, i started hearing voices, but I was kind of in denial. I would hear the same phrases, good things actually, stuff like “highly original”, “brain child”, “highly creative”, and I can’t remember the others right now.

After a while, the neighbor above me rented it out to someone else and that person was very aggressive. They would constantly drop stuff very late at night, stomp around, move furniture around at night, yell randomly, etc. and one time they cut me off on the road. When we were both on our way back to the condo, I was driving slow up the road to the condo, going the speed limit and he quickly cut in front of me.

After a while, the owner of that condo moved back in, and things were better, but still felt watched and had people doing stuff around the neighborhood to mess with me, like honking their horns at me, using certain keywords or phrases around me, and acting weird and treating me differently. I stayed in that condo until I sold it in early 2012. I bought it for $125k and sold it for $60k in a “fire sale” because I just wanted to get out of there and move somewhere else, preferably back to Colorado or California.

So after I sold the condo, I packed up everything I could fit in my car. During this time, I really had no friends or family. I should mention that while I was in Boulder, in 2009, my stepfather, my mom’s husband, got pancreatic cancer and passed away. I have a feeling that he was targeted by Jan too. I feel that Jan gave the neighbors this technology and told them lies about them and promised them things in return for murdering my mom and then her husband. Not sure if I mentioned this, but my mom and her husband were pretty much poor and didn’t have much, but my mom was the best mom in the world. Every week she should buy me clothes, cook like 5 different meals for me and spent what little money she had on me and my brother.

So anyway, after I sold the condo, I had around $55k in the bank and I took a long road trip all over the US, spending most of my time in Colorado and California. Randy again contacted me and said he still had the top floor to rent and I foolishly, not even thinking about the past, agreed to it. This was one of the worst decisions of my life. So Sometime in 2012 I started renting it again, for $950/month. During this time, I felt like I was being watched and he was being creepy and bullied me and basically just had a weird experience. I did hear some voices, calling me the F-word and other things. I stayed there for less than a year and moved out. I paid him around $13k that year.

January of 2013, I moved back to Colorado, this time Denver, and had a roommate. Everything was GREAT. I was healing from all of the abuse and trauma and felt great and made some really good friends too! I’ve mentioned before that I feel that my stalkers use drones to spy on me and carry out their directed energy weapons attacks. Well, after about a year of living in Denver, one night my roommate asked me to look out the window because he saw what he thought was a UFO. I looked and saw what looked like a star moving up and down. I didn’t think it was a drone at the time. I legitimately also thought it was a UFO. I don’t think drones were as popular at the time as they are now. But anyway, looking back it was probably one of Randy’s drones spying on me. Shortly after, I started having weird stuff happening. I was having subtle voices and some in-person stalking. I think my roommate was actually being influenced more than me with this technology, because he would sometimes say weird things like one time he asked “were you just talking about my mother?” and I said “no?”. I had no idea what he was talking about, and he seemed to act differently. Throughout all of this, I’ve been disabled and not able to work, but studied and did random side jobs doing web design and web development and online marketing.

So anyway, it’s now the end of 2013, probably right around January 1, 2014, and I had emailed someone who I used to do web development for – someone in Carmel, NY – where the condo was, and asked if I could come work for him again. The reason why I had stopped working for him in 2010 after only working for a few weeks, was because he paid so little, only $500/week, for lots of development and programming work and I felt that I was worth more. Well, he said that I could come back, so I jumped in my car and drove back to NY. I started working there in January of 2014. I moved into an apartment right down the road from the office for $750/month. Things were great at first. Then about 6 months into it, I started hearing voices again and had severe physical attacks and torture with the directed energy weapons.

Around this time, I had been looking into gender reassignment surgery since I’m transgender. I first started taking hormones in 2007 and 2008, when I got them from an Indian pharmacy online. I didn’t take them again until mid-2015. Shortly after looking into gender reassignment surgery, I started hearing Jan and Randy’s voice (v2k) saying transphobic things, calling me a man, saying that transgenderism doesn’t exist and all of this other bullshit, as well as sick psychological things. Whenever I would sit down in my chair, they would say the word “wheelchair” over the v2k, and basically psychologically terrorize me.

Also, around this time, one day, while walking down the street from my apartment to work, I saw this person named Armando outside of the section 8 apartments that were across from my workplace, smoking a cigarette. Just to clarify, I lived in a house/apartment down the street, not section 8. I had known him because in 2010, I worked at the mall and he befriended me and we became acquaintances. I would give him rides sometimes, before he got a car again. I sometimes gave him some money. He was pretty nice and friendly, although he had some issues of his own and was living out of his car, after he got one. Also before i sold the condo, he would sleep in his car with his car parked outside of my condo. Anyway, he lived in the next county over before he started parking his car in the condo parking lot. So, it was really weird to see him across the street from my workplace and I was “hey what are you doing here?” and he explained that his mom had gotten section 8 and was living in the apartment across from my work. He said he had just had a baby and his mom was taking care of the baby, and invited me up to meet his girlfriend, baby and mother. He was pretty nice to me. He asked me randomly if I listened to Alex Jones and i said “no” and he started talking about random radio shows and told me “no one is after you”. I found this a little strange but didn’t think anything of it. He was pretty friendly, otherwise, and seemed genuinely down to the earth and sincere.

Shortly after, I started hearing his voice in my head… then other neighbor’s voices, like the person on the floor above me, the person below me, and to the sides of me. In other words, lots of different neighbors were putting voices in my head, and they each had their own agenda and goals for what they wanted to do with me.

Armando would always physically use the technology on my neck and put like a fake “collar” around my neck and claim that he owned me and really he just wanted me to be myself and transition but also may have wanted to “own” me and try to make me popular and cling onto whatever future success i had, almost like a manager. Other neighbors were good to me and wanted it to stop. They developed keywords and phrases, some of them positive, some of them negative. For example, the neighbor to the side of me would always say “I’ll always love her”, while the neighbor above me would say “wheelchair”, and I can’t remember all of the keywords from 2014, but I’ll try to remember. I’m just typing this out in freeform, trying to remember off the top of my head and I’m just typing this nonstop… Oh yeah, one of the keywords was “be the pied piper”, because there was a show called silicon valley on at the time and their startup was called pied piper and some of them encouraged me to go to California (I spent some time there in 2012 in Chico, before going back East, while i was on my long “road trip”), the Bay Area, which is what I had always wanted to do. Anyway, weird stuff kept happening. Some of them kept using it for good. Randy, Tim and Matt were always jealous of me and used this for evil and to torture me, say transphobic things to me, and try to get me fired and slandered me to everyone around the community. Tim would say “Timmy him!” and flash an image in my mind of the South Park character in a wheelchair, while giving me intense head pains and migraines. It was extremely sick and sadistic. Randy, Tim and Matt are some of the most envious, psychopathic, sadistic people I’ve ever encountered.

Summer of 2014, I decided to take a short vacation because of all of the stress from the targeting. My friend from Denver, Jeremy, invited me to stay at his place. I booked a hotel instead. So I drove down there. The entire time I was stalked by random people on the road, had energy weapons used on me, had my eyes burned, had people following me, and people treating me weird. I got to the hotel a day after I booked it for. I tried to check in but the guy at the desk said “sorry, we’re sold out.” I said “I booked and paid for a room for a week, I paid for it for yesterday until a week later”. He said “we have no room for you”. I said “what about my money?”. He said it’s non-refundable because according to their policy, I have to check in on the day that I booked it for, and can’t check in a day later. That was all a lie. A hotel should be happy that I booked and paid for a room for a week and didn’t even stay the first night. So anyway I called Jeremy and told him and he said come stay at my house. So I did. And he acted weird and put voices into my head. I went totally psychotic from the sleep deprivation of his voices in the other room, I hunkered down in his basement and just dealt with him constantly slamming things onto the floor above me, telling me weird psychologically twisted stuff in my head, and other weird things. I should also mention that the way in which my main abuser/stalker, Randy Forcellina, recruited people is that he would tell people that there was a life insurance policy out on me and that they would get a portion of it if I died, and told them to participate in the torture and abuse of me.

Anyway, I left his house and started driving to California. Also, there was one voice in my head (I think it was Mike) who told me that he was a CIA agent and that I could get witness protection in California. So I started driving there. I ended up in Pueblo, Colorado somehow. I ran out of money and gas. So I just started wandering the streets. I remember hanging out with some people in a random park-like area, walking around the “riverwalk”, along the “Arkansas River”, I basically just wandered around the city being brainwashed by them. They were playing like a sick, twisted game on me, they kept telling me that people were going to kill me and that other people were agents looking out for me. I remember going into a 7-11 and begging for a free soda. I remember it was starting to get late and this person stopped their car and offered to give me a ride somewhere. I said I don’t have anywhere to go. They said that they worked at the hospital and they drove me to a homeless shelter but it was closed, no one answered the door. So he dropped me off somewhere else. I remember I kept walking around and I remember going into the hospital to try to get something to calm down. The wait was so long, and people kept coming in and playing mind games with me, so I kept leaving and coming back. Eventually, after trying to leave for the last time, the security guard told me I couldn’t leave and I ignored him and he started chasing me and tackled me and they admitted me to the psych hospital and I was diagnosed with Schizoaffective for the first time, and they said that I was “gravely disabled”. I called my boss and explained everything and he said “okay, no problem, just come back to work”, so I did. And weird stuff started happening again when I got back to Carmel, NY.

I eventually lost my job because I kept asking for more money. I was only being paid around $750/week and my expenses were high and I felt like I deserved more. I got into an argument with him and he fired me. I was being paid freelance so I couldn’t collect unemployment. I had only around $1500 in my account. So I said fuck it, I’m just going to go to San Francisco and if I end up on the streets, that’s fine, I don’t care. I left my car and apartment, abandoned my car in my boss’s parking lot and just left abruptly. I took an Amtrak train to San Francisco. Somehow, my ID got lost when I was on the train, so I kept calling around to local hotels asking if they would accept a credit card or cash without an ID. A place in Hayward said yes, so I stayed there. I remember hearing voices of people in the room next door. They would try to “flirt” with me, ask me if I wanted to give them oral sex, etc and basically tried to seduce me, which they almost did, but they said “we’re both married with wives” and then the next day someone else was in the room and they were putting different voices in my head, just asking me who I was, etc and random questions, interrogating me.

There is a lot that I’m leaving out, by the way. I need to go back and refresh my memory and try to think of things that I’m leaving out, because I’m just typing this out as it comes to me. I’ve been writing this nonstop, without even taking a break for a sip of water. All of this is just coming out of me like a stream.

So it’s now the end of 2014 and I called someone who I had done freelance web development for in 2013. His name is Mark Saron and he lived in New Haven, CT. I remember one time in 2013, he told me “if you ever end up homeless you can always stay in my basement” and at the time I didn’t think I’d ever need to take him up on that offer; but after a few weeks around Hayward and the Bay Area, I moved to New Haven CT and stayed in Mark’s basement. He didn’t really believe any of what I was saying and saw that I had some mental health problems and said that I should go to the hospital again and get checked out or get medication, and I got admitted again to a psych hospital, this time Yale Psychiatric Hospital. I got on SSI shortly after, in the beginning of 2015. Shortly after, he told me that I couldn’t stay in his basement anymore and that I should stay in a shelter and try to get subsidized housing and get put on housing lists.

In early 2015, I moved temporarily to a friend’s house, in Merced, California. I had known someone named Michelle online from a chat/webcam site called Stickam. I was also friends with someone in Hayward and someone in Petaluma from the camming site. Randy wasn’t part of this group. None of my stalkers were. This lasted for around a month, because we just didn’t really get along well. So I took a greyhound bus back to New Haven, CT.

So basically I was walking around New Haven and got admitted to the psych hospital again. After the hospital, I ended up at a transitional house called CTS that’s managed by Continuum of Care.

After this, I began temporarily renting a room in New Haven from a couple. I remember the entire time hearing what I assume were the neighbor’s voices in my head. They would also sometimes hypnotize me, and I remember one time they woke me up at midnight and had me stare at the full moon and made me start laughing, using their technology. Some of them were actually really cool and wanted to make me popular and control me. I remember applying to work at Public Allies and went through a series of interviews but was turned down.

I put an ad on Craiglist looking for a room to rent and this woman named Erica responded and she said her and her boyfriend had room in their apartment in West Haven. In the ad, I think I mentioned that I was transgender. Anyway, I moved in, and I think Erica claimed that she knew that I was transgender without me telling her, but I thought that I had mentioned it in the ad. Either way, she was really supportive. She encouraged me to get back on hormones, which I did, from Callen Lorde in NYC. This is around mid-2015. She would help me practice makeup and stuff and she was my best friend at the time. I remember one day, while in the shower, I heard what I think was the person on the floor above me, say something to me in my head, so I quickly said “get away from me you pedophiles, get away from me you pedophiles” (referring to Randy and his sick group of people) over and over. After I said that right away to the person, I never heard their voice again at that location, or anyone else’s voice again at that location. I think that her boyfriend was jealous of her and I being friends. One night, her boyfriend accused me of stealing his talisman/necklace. I said I don’t have it, and they even searched all of my belongings, which was basically just my backpack and clothes, and didn’t find it. I got offended that he accused me of that, so I left that night. I felt betrayed that they had accused me of that, after taking me in and being nice to me, and trusting me. So I ended up back in New Haven and back in the hospital then transitional house, etc.

I also that year stayed at Crisis and Respite, another transitional house of Continuum of Care, and went to a a rehab (just so that I was off the streets. I didn’t actually have an addiction). After the rehab, which was in Bridgeport, CT, I stayed at the shelter that was on the first floor of the rehab. I wasn’t really targeted much around this time and I transferred to another shelter, one in Westport, CT. It was a nice area and things were going pretty well, everyone got along with me. The shelter came to me one day and said that there’s an organization called MFAP (mid-Fairfield AIDS Project) that has a house where they rent rooms to people in need of a home and shelter and they asked if I wanted to go there. I said yes, so I moved in and started renting the room. It’s in East Norwalk, CT.

This is where I met Max, who is today one of my biggest allies and supporters. Even though I don’t have direct contact with Max now, he is still in touch with members of the “group”. The group consists of people that have all in some way had access to the technology or recruited by Randy to participate in the stalking, abuse and torture of me. Max originally went along with what Randy told him to, and he abused me a lot with the technology. Never as much as Randy, though, but he did some psychologically messed up things around that time. They came up with some pretty psychologically twisted “keywords” (the phrases that they repeat over and over) at this time. Other times, I think he wanted the best for me and wanted to help me in some ways. Max is not a bad person, but he was brainwashed by Randy into abusing me. No one has ever abused or tortured me as much as Randy, the “ringleader” of the group. “The group” is what my abusers/stalkers are known as. Anyway, Max got all of the other people in the house to participate in the “mind control” of me using the technology that they had. Some people were cool and wanted to use the technology to help me become popular and be myself and become whatever they wanted. Some of them wanted to control me for good. But Randy always used this technology for evil, to abuse me and brainwash other people against me. Anyway, this is still 2015, late 2015 I think, and they eventually made me psychotic to the point where I had to go to the psych hospital, after me putting up a good “fight”, of enduring the technology and doing my best to hang in there.

Before that, I had also rented a room in Brooklyn, NY at the same time, for around $300/month. It was a really good deal. I had known someone named Winter online, from an online group that I had been part of since I was 15 years old.

The group consisted of mostly tech people, some were hackers. I got into that group because I had done web design and development since I was young, and in high school had met someone because online as a result of being into graphics and web design/development. I met Randy AKA Island online when I was 15 years old. He was 20 years old at the time. So anyway, I pretty much grew up with that online group. For probably 15 years, I kept up with people that were in that group because I was in the same chatrooms as them and was always just a part of this online group. I wasn’t a hacker and basically I was just a normal person but I shared my life with the group and was honest to everyone and basically it just my social outlet throughout my life. Mike was part of the group. And so was Winter, someone named Concetta, and others that I’m forgetting right now. I hadn’t known Winter for that long though, but somehow we got to talking and she said I could stay in a room she had in a building in Brooklyn that her uncle owned.

I moved in with Winter and things were going really well. Her boyfriend, Juan, also lived there with her. We got along really well the first few weeks. Then one night, I remember I was laying in bed and I remember seeing an image in my mind and their voice. They said “what number is that?” I said whatever number it was, I think 4 may have been the first number. Then they flashed another number and said “what number?” and I answered. After that, things got really crazy.

Basically, they started mind controlling me, like I had been at the last place. At times, they were good to me and meant the best for me, other times they were cruel and psychologically terrorized me. I remember working at WFP (Working Families Party) in NYC as a canvasser and was targeted at work, at each city that we would be dropped off at, to knock on doors and give people information on the election, and how to vote for the Democrat candidate, whatever their names were (I don’t remember) in the local places that we were dropped off at.

During this time, I would hang out at an army recruiter’s office which was across the street. They started doing weird gang stalking mind games with me, too. I remember hanging out at the local parks and restaurants and basically everyone around me being fed slander about me. They were told random stuff about me, like some people thought I had AIDS because my stalker/abuser told people that I had AIDS and I was losing weight at that time and getting into better shape.

Every time I left the house, I would have people following me and putting voices in my head. So many people around Brooklyn and NYC had access to my brain and would torture and abuse me. I remember one time, while on the subway, at one of the stops, some random kid ran onto the train and walked up to me and yelled “this kid was talking shit about me!” and I said “I don’t even know you” and he said “stand up” so I did, and he fake punched me, he went to punch me but stopped when his fist was an inch away from my face”. Then he said “sit down” and I did and he ran off at the next stop.

Eventually though, after battling them in my head and enduring the abuse, things started to change and people around me started having my back. They would see me walking around every day, minding my own business, and eventually they started to respect me and the negative voices turned into really positive voices. During all of this, though, I was acting very weird and talking outloud a lot to myself, and eventually Winter and Juan said that I needed to move out. I think the whole situation was stressing them out too. Anyway, one day they told me I had to leave, gave me back the pro-rated amount of rent I had paid, and I once again packed up everything I had into my backpack and took a bus back to New Haven. I was being followed and tortured the entire time.

I ended up at Yale Hospital again, then CTS, then Crisis and Respite. Again, they got people there to use technology on me and put voices into my head. However, eventually, Continuum of Care, who had known me by now, said that there was an opening at Blake Street apartments in New Haven, a subsidized apartment managed by Continuum of Care. So I moved in there. This was early October 2016.

About a month later, I really wanted to move to California to transition. The Bay Area was always my favorite place in the country/world, and I felt safe there, despite being “targeted” there in the past. I just felt like it would be a better fit for me, and I wanted to escape from my stalker’s abuse. My stalker was still in Norwalk this entire time and New Haven is about 1.5 hours away. He gave technology to one of the neighbors, but that person was always cool to me. This has been something that Randy has done, to control me from afar. He gives neighbors the technology and tells them to report to him anything that I do and tells them to say the same keywords and phrases and to abuse and torture me. Anyway, the neighbors at this place were cool and didn’t tell Randy any of my plans. In fact, they weren’t always monitoring me and torturing me. One week, after several days of no torture or monitoring, I booked a flight to San Francisco because the day before, I met someone on Craigslist in Redwood City that said I could stay with them. I had finally escaped!!! Randy didn’t have my location, because the neighbors had taken a break from monitoring me and I finally got away from Randy.

I was molested by the person in the morning, the day after I moved in. I remember waking up and he had his hands down my pants touching my penis. I tried moving his hand away but he wouldn’t stop, and I remember getting a scratch on my hand from pushing his hand away. I told my friend in Hayward, who I had known from the webcam site (again, Randy didn’t know this small group that I was part of on stickam, the webcam site). She asked her mom if I could stay with her and her mom said yes, so I moved in with her. I finally felt free to be myself. I found a good primary care doctor, Bessa Makoni, who prescribed me hormones again. She later wrote a letter of reccomendation for me, for me to get gender reassignment surgery. She was a great doctor. I bought makeup and began going out in public with makeup and being myself. I don’t wear makeup much anymore because I just prefer my natural look most of the time, but sometimes I put on lipstick. At the time, I was into makeup though.

A couple of months after moving in, I felt like the neighbors were stalking me and putting voices in my head, and I ended up moving out. It was Mike who had found my location. Randy didn’t know my location and Mike hadn’t told him. I ended up in Fremont, paying to sleep on the floor of someone’s living room. Then found someone in Hayward that let me rent out a small sectioned off area of their living room. Things were going okay, but I wasn’t allowed to be there long-term.

May of 2017, I put an ad on Craigslist in the section where you can find rooms to rent. I said that I was going to be homeless again soon (that was my plan), and that I needed a room to rent and that I’m transgender and just need a safe place to transition. My Dad, Brian Peterson, responded. I was really hesitant at first. I’m always a little distrustful of strangers. He drove down from Brentwood (Contra Costa County) and met me a few times for lunch. Eventually, after his daughter Sarah moved into a mobile home, he said I could spend the night and we’d see how we get along. The first night there, I was still not very trusting of him. I had my doubts. I wasn’t really sure if it would work out. I didn’t trust him. I spent a few weekends with him. He encouraged me to be myself and dress feminine in public. He even bought me female clothes from Target, which I would bring back and wear when I was in Hayward. He took me to get my ears pierced for the first time. Eventually, he said I could move in. I still didn’t fully trust him or think it would work out the first couple of months, which is why I continued to pay rent to the person in Hayward, in case we decided it wouldn’t work out. After a couple of months, around October of 2017, I knew that I could trust him. We bonded and became close friends. He didn’t even ask for rent or anything and he actually cared for me and helped me. He became my Dad. I first said “I love you” to him a couple of months after moving in. Since then, he’s been my Dad and loved me unconditionally. He was there for me during my gender reassignment surgery, and everything else that’s happened in the past 6 years. We did everything together for the next almost 6 years. I became his baby, his bambina. This is making me cry now because just recently something happened where I had to move out and we had to split apart from each other. Before that, we were as close as ever and enjoyed an amazing life together and loved each other more than anything. We slept in the same bed most nights, showed affection to each other all day, nothing sexual, though. We became partners without the sex. First and foremost, though, he is my Dad. He tucked me in every night, we would spend all day together because he’s retired and I don’t work, and we would do everything together. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and told me every day that we would be together forever. He put me in his trust fund, the same amount as his other daughter, Sarah, and his son, Thomas. I won’t go into details about what happened, because I don’t remember everything that happened. But anyway, I’m now kind of on my own again, without. He still helps me, but we don’t live together anymore.

Anyway, my main stalker/abuser, Randy, found out where I was living, toward the end of 2019. For nearly 3 years, I wasn’t targeted at all. I cherished every moment.

The first day that my stalker came back, around late 2019, he remotely prostituted me out for 28 hours consecutive. By this point, I was extremely thin, passable and attractive. I’ve since gained weight, but before that I was thin, up until a couple of years ago. I remember hearing his voice for the first time after years of not hearing him, I was scared shitless. He had people “lined up” to take turns controlling my mind and body using the technology. They would say “sold!” and then the dollar amount and they would be on for however long, then someone else would take over. Some of them were nice and just wanted innocent fun, while others just wanted to sadistically rape me and hit my vagina.

Since then, my main stalker/abuser has come and gone from my life. He always convinces a neighbor nearby to let him stay with them, and tortures and abuses me from neighbor’s homes; whoever lets him stay with them.

Sometimes he would torture me for months, then leave for a few months, then come back. For example, in 2022, last year, he was hardly around because he couldn’t convince neighbors to let him stay with them. Around Christmas of last year, he was around for a couple of weeks at neighbor’s place, but eventually they saw through his lies and basically didn’t let him stay there anymore because of how much he was abusing me, and also they came to realize the truth – that everything he says about me is a lie and bullshit.

In January of this year, my Dad and I found a home to buy in Santa Rosa on 62 acres, halfway between Santa Rosa and Calistoga. Before that, we were renting a small home Santa Rosa, after selling the farm/house in Brentwood. Everything was going fine, until late April. He again, convinced neighbors to let him stay with them, and I began to hear his voices and started getting physically assaulted and tortured/abused with his directed energy weapons. Since then, he’s slandered me to everyone around the community, including everyone in Santa Rosa, and brainwashed others into participating in the abuse and torture of me.

Randy’s ultimate goal is to murder me, steal my identity and infiltrate my Dad’s life. He is creepy and wants to be me and wants a relationship with my Dad. Actually, what he really wants is money and to live on my Dad’s property. He doesn’t even care about my Dad. He lies to people and tells them that he’s really me, Bree. He convinces people that he has a secret relationship with my Dad, and that my Dad is rich (he is kind of wealthy, but not like what Randy tells people) and that they would get money or be able to stay and visit the property, and whatever else, in return for going along with the abuse, torture and murder of me. Randy wants to murder me, steal my identity, and infiltrate my Dad’s life and claim that there is more than 1 Bree and that he is the “real Bree”, or something like that. I don’t know everything, but he is really creepy and desperately wants to be me. He tells people over v2k that he will dye his hair brown, or did dye his hair brown, and that he wants to get leg-shortening surgery to be as short as me. Randy is 5’10 and I’m 5’2 and a half. My main stalker/abuser never expressed interest in transitioning and never mentioned being transgender up until around a month ago. He is not transgender. He is still married to his wife, with 2 children. He is just a con artist.

This is just some of my story!

Please read the rest of my posts, to see what is currently going on with the torture/abuse/murder of me. It’s getting creepier and creepier and crazier and crazier and scarier and scarier. He is literally brainwashing people, telling people that he really me and that I am him.

Please read everything that I have written and please keep up with what’s going on with me. I could use all the support I can get!



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